7 Types of Traffic Driving Content

During the new year we will be looking back to our best blog posts of last year.

Here is Number 3 by Janelle Schenher.

Our TWO Sense: 7 Types of Traffic Driving Content

According to DM News*, 70% of consumers feel closer to a company due to it’s content. Creating compelling content is more today than ever.  Back in February I wrote why it’s important to have Infographics in your Content Marketing Strategy, but what other types of content will grab the consumer?   Here are 7 more…1. LISTS! This is a list. That’s probably why you are reading it! Content that is a quick read about a topic of interest, and gives the consumer numbered, information, quickly grabs attention.

2. Memes. They are visual, memorable and hilarious. They can give your brand personality.  And they have major VIRAL potential! They are perfect to share on all your social media channels.

3. Original Data or Research. Sharing original research or survey results give your company credibility and position them as an expert in the field. You can then use that information for an infographic or blog post.

4. Polls and Surveys.  People love to give their opinion. Not only will your be getting your own original data, but you will be engaging with your target audience!

5. Contests.You can have giveaway contests or even have your audience create content for you—like giving away a prize for best generated video! You engage your audience and get more content too.

6. Links Page/Resources.This is a page on your site with website links to resources that help position and sell your company.This enhances your credibility. You become the “trusted source” for educational and helpful information to your target audience.

7. Videos. Videos are the perfect vehicle for lots of content—How To, Interviews, Testimonials, Demonstrations or just for fun! They are a good tool to give your brand personality and chance to connect with your audience.

The more different types of content your implement, the greater the impact and engagement.  And when you engage your audience with powerful content, they will feel closer to your brand—and buy!

*Source: DM News, May 2014.