10 Innovative Email Tactics

During the new year we will be looking back to our best blog posts of last year

Here is Number 2 by Kelly Zenere.

Our TWO Sense: 10 Innovative Email Tactics

Email is alive and kickin! In fact, people who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than people that do not receive email offer. So, how does your company make your next email campaign successful? Easy, I recently took a webinar on 10 innovative email tactics, and these tactics will boost your emails’ longevity, make them more memorable to your clients, and will make them want to ACT when they open your next email.

1. Add video to you next email. Videos are different from .GIFs. A video adds value and gives your next email a purpose.

2. Have “live” email content. Adding a live countdown clock to your email during your next sale is a great way to urge customers to click through to the landing page so they won’t miss it!

3. Behavioral re-targeting. Send emails minutes after cart abandonment reminding the customer what they left behind.

4. Pop over subscription form. Use this on your website to give users a reason to sign up for your emails.

5. Gmail actions. These buttons appear next to certain types of messages in your inbox and let you take action on an email without ever having to open it. Gmail Actions confirm subscriptions, RSVP to sales, and track a package.  This only works for Gmail users, but there are 425 million of them.

6. Create a welcome series. Send out a series of welcome emails to new subscribers.

7. Social media interaction. Add sharing buttons to your emails. You can even add in live tweets from your company’s Twitter.

8. Email and display advertising integration. Create personalized ads in email.

9. Re-engagement program. Create an email for subscribers who haven’t engaged in a long period of time.

10. Seasonally relevant creative. Use a customized header and footer for the holidays coming up!

In my next few blogs I will be going more in-depth with each tactic so you can get a better understanding how to execute each of these tactics. Stay Tuned!

If you can’t wait for my blog series and are looking for how to incorporate Email into your latest marketing campaign contact me at kzenere@twochicago.com.

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