5 Ways of Keeping a Subscriber Interested


So it’s been awhile since my last blog article “Why to Use Storytelling in Advertising”.  Since then I have become a big fan again of subscriptions and have to share.

All of us subscribe to something: a magazine, a club or even cable/internet service.

One of the most effective subscription services today is Birchbox. And I am a subscriber.

This NY-based company sends 5 beauty or lifestyle sample products to my doorstep, thanks to a gift subscription. At a $10/month cost, I receive a personalized assortment of items with costs provided if I want to purchase, based on my completed online profile. I can go online and watch videos with tips or instruction. If I like something I receive, I can buy a full-size portion of it and accumulate rewards points. Like thousands of other busy working women (including being a Mom), this is an ideal way to sample products and saves me time because the shipment comes to me.

It’s smart for the manufacturers of the products as well. They donate these items and can see increased sales from Birchbox subscribers, higher than department or beauty stores. And since Birchbox sends the customer these items, each sale is tracked by the manufacturer and can help determine future offers for the buyer.

So, for marketers-what’s the trick to keeping subscribers interested in your product or service?

  • Targeting: personalized offers to your prospects or customer base gives them what they are likely to buy or upgrade.
  • Tracking: knowledge of what’s being sent to each customer and what each buys, may be predictive of future offers and products they will receive.
  • Loyalty: rewards points with each dollar spent incentivizes purchasers to buy more, and ideally extend the subscription.
  • Involvement: videos can further educate and communicate beyond the monthly box, in Birchbox’s model. This can help men and women try new methods of sample application and reinforces product use.
  • Surprise: receiving a mystery-themed box like Birchbox each month is a welcome surprise. Customers look forward to opening the latest edition to see what’s inside.

Need some ideas about how to further engage your subscribers? Contact me at kmonson@twochicago.com. Meanwhile, excuse me while I look at my latest Birchbox shipment…