The Lollapalooza Marketing Approach

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Here is Number 6 by Kelly Zenere

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Today was D-day… or should I say L-Day. Today was the biggest day festival lovers, concert goers, parents, hipsters, and teenagers were waiting for. Today, Lollapalooza (Lolla) tickets went on sale. Here’s the crazy part 3-Day Passes sold out in under 45-minutes and the crazier part is no one even knows who’s playing yet.

Now, you might be asking yourself what’s Lollapalooza and how can all these demographics want to buy tickets for the same event without knowing who is playing? In a nutshell Lollapalooza is a three day summer music festival in Chicago that spans all the different genres of music. Past top musicians include Black Sabbath, The Cars, Lady Gaga, Eminem, The Black Keys, Calvin Harris, and Alabama Shakes. If you know music then you can see why this festival appeals to so many different people, but what you might not understand is how Lollapalooza creates such ticket hype. Below are the different marketing tactics I’ve seen Lollapalooza use in the past to get the attention of everyone.

1. Announce your next event date right away. Lollapalooza announced the next year’s festival date via email and social media the day after the event ended. Doing this created excitement among the festival goers who were still on the festival “high”.

2. Keep up the hype using social media. Lollapalooza happens once a year in the U.S. and is only three days long. In order to keep the hype up Lolla’s social media team posts regularly on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Flicker. About one month before tickets go on sale the Lolla marketers amp posting to sometimes 3 times per day.

3. Send only important information via email. Lollapalooza will only send out emails when they have something important to say. Typically emails start one week before tickets go on sale reminding people where to get tickets and what time they can be purchased.

4. Keep some things secret. By keeping the performing artists secret until after the 3-Day Passes are sold out gives Lollapalooza the ability to create festival and fan hype. Doing this prompts the fans to buy tickets before they know who is playing, because what if their favorite artist is in the line up! The fans feel they have to get tickets, because they know the tickets sell out in minutes and if they don’t purchase then they will miss out on the whole event.

So, how can you use the Lolla approach for your own marketing? Easy, email me an event or product you want to promote and TWO can help you come up with a complete marketing schedule just like Lollapalooza’s.

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(Originally Posted March 24, 2015)