5 Sins of Email Marketing

email sins

We all strive have a successful email marketing campaign with high open and click through rates. But sometimes, they just don’t perform well. You ask yourself, “What went wrong?” Well, you might have been guilty of incorporating one of my 5 email sins below.

1. Not Having Permission: There is only one way to add someone to your email list, and that is to have them opt-in. This means that you must have their permission to email them; otherwise you run the risk of being blacklisted!

2. Boring Subject Lines: Zzzzzzz. Don’t put us to sleep with boring subject lines. Be creative and figure out the best way to grab your audience’s attention in 41 characters or less. Your subject line needs to spur action to get the recipient to open your email. One example may be, “Happy Birthday [Insert Name] – Surprise Inside!”

3. Audience Confusion: Are you talking to me? Too often, marketers send the same message to everyone in their database. It is important to segment your audience and alter the tone and messaging accordingly.

4. Poor Design: Did you know that according to emailmonday.com, up to 70% of emails are opened on a mobile device? With that said, make sure your layout is simple and that opens and is readable on all devices.

5. Lack of Testing: How do you improve response? To get the most out of your campaigns, sending A/B test emails will allow you to discover what the audience responds to and what reaps the highest click-through rates. Remember, always test one thing at time, whether it be an offer, send time, image, video, link or subject line.

If you need help avoiding these email marketing sins and avoid recipients from unsubscribing, send me an email at sdautel@twochicago.com. We’ll help develop the perfect email marketing campaign which will adhere to email best practices.

Stacy Dautel