Getting Lost in the Content: 4 Content Call-to-Actions


We talk a lot about the importance of content here at The Weinstein Organization. Topics we’ve covered include the different types of content, like curated content and infographics, the ways to measure content, and the most effective channels for content.

When you begin a content marketing campaign, you’ll need to determine the best content for your target audience, where your target audience is on social media and which channels are most effective. THEN you’ll begin generating content—lots of content.

While generating all this content, don’t forget what the goal of this content is supposed to do for your company. Is your goal to generate leads? Become a thought leader in your industry? Build brand awareness? D. all of the above?  No matter what that goal is, you need a call-to-action to achieve it.

Here are 4 call-to-actions to implement in your content marketing campaign:

  1. Links to your website. Add links within the content that drive your reader to your website. This is a great CTA because it isn’t promotional—it’s incorporated within the message.  If there’s a product you are trying to sell, make product a link that drives them to the page to buy. The closer the link is to the purchase, the easier it’ll be to close the sale.
  2. Social Media Sharing. Add links to share content on social media. It’s actionable and low commitment.
  3. Offer options to provide an email address to learn more or sign-up for a newsletter. This option generates leads, and further nurtures prospects through the sales cycle.
  4. Add an email address and/or phone number. Give them a person to connect with to take that next step in purchase process.  Don’t make it hard to close a sale.

By adding these call-to-action tactics, it’ll make content more measurable and generate more prospects or sales. It’ll also allow you to determine what content generates the most response from your audience making your overall campaign more effective.

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