7 Deadly Sins of Social Media Marketing


Marketing and Advertising on Social Media has become a tightrope. I saw the above cartoon in the June 2015 edition of CCO magazine and thought, “Wow, they really hit this on the head.” Too many posts a day and you get accused of being spam. Same posts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn you look Lazy. There is a way to market to your client’s customers, but you also must be engaging and listen to what they have to say. Below are my add-ons to these 7 Deadly Sins.

1. Lust: Paying for followers to like your brand doesn’t do you or your brand any good. Great, you now have 10,000 followers but zero engagement. In order for others to see your social page you need engaging followers who actually LOVE your brand and want to share it with everyone.

2. Sloth: All Social Networks are not to be treated equally. You have to do research and find out where your customer’s are and then you need to test each Social Network.

3. Gluttony: Posting more than once a day on Facebook and 4 times a day on Twitter is considered spam. Don’t spam your customers. They will un-follow you.

4. Pride: It’s okay to ask for customer’s opinions on posts, but always asking for a like or retweet is not okay. You’re not benefiting the customer in any way.

5. Greed: Occasional sponsored posts are okay. Please, don’t sponsor everything you put up. It’s a waste of money and your followers can see that the content is sponsored.

6. Envy: #HashTag Hijacking is wrong. Only use the # when it’s appropriate and relevant.

7. Wrath: Writing the exact same post for Facebook and Twitter is not going to get you heard. Take a look at your content and determine if it’s engaging. If it’s not then jazz it up with a question or photo.

At The Weinstein Organization, we create client specific Social Media Strategies. Each of our clients has a different message they want heard and not all the social platforms are a right fit. At TWO we do hours of research and testing of each platform to find the right platform for each of our clients. Contact me if you would like your Social Media Marketing planned out for you! kzenere@twochicago.com

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