Ecommerce and Out-of-Home Advertising: 3 Important Considerations

This week I came across an article about a commuter study in the UK “Consumers connect with on-train advertising”. The findings prove insightful beyond the UK borders and raise valuable considerations for out-of-home advertising and ecommerce.

With the rise in convenient mobile payment options, the study shows the type of purchases commuters make and when. Certainly as an urban dweller, my office commute involves a bus or train in both directions. I can identify as a rider and as a marketer.

Below are 3 reasons why this study is impactful and relatable to marketers:

1)      Captive audience. During a commute there’s a defined period of time where riders remain in one place. They may view this as “down time”. How can you hold your audience’s attention and motivation action?

2)      Mindset. Put yourself in the shoes of someone in transit from point A to B. Is your product or service a big-ticket or a smaller item? Does it require discussion with others? Is the message appropriate for the commuter’s state of mind?

3)      Connectivity. With the gift of wi-fi, web access is almost constant. But consider if your message is placed in the subway or a place with a spotty signal. Sometimes my smart phone can’t access the internet below ground, so consider if your product or service call-to-action requires immediacy or delayed action, in my case.

How can your current marketing plans benefit from out-of-home advertising?

If your target audience doesn’t travel via public transit, what other channels can you utilize to reach new prospects and expand your business? Need some ideas? TWO can help. Please email me at

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