What’s up with Periscope?


Have you heard of the new Social Media platform, Periscope? Owned by Twitter, it lets you see the world through someone else’s eyes. Periscope gives you different perspective of the world by letting you view what others are seeing and experiencing at any given moment. You can actually be in the action of a protest, hear the wind gusts of a storm, witness a concert “live”, or watch a how-to tutorial with other users. Periscope is going to be the game changer for news and marketing events.

The setup of Periscope is quick and simple. To become a member you must download the app from the Apple Store of Google Play. Once it’s open you’ll have to link your Twitter account and from there you can find followers who also have the app. You can also follow news channels, politicians, and basically anyone who interests you. The app has a great tutorial that will walk you through posting, watching, and following other users.

How is Periscope going to change the world? Simple, this app gives users a real life experience and perspective on what’s going on right now. We can be in the middle of storms or riots where news crews can’t go. We can also watch live sports events from the player’s perspective. Imagine riding a wave with a surfer in real time or running the Chicago Marathon with a racer. What can be done with this app is amazing. Marketers can use it for live product reveals and demonstrations. We don’t have to be in California anymore for the new iPhone launch. Someone from the crowd can show us live what Apple is revealing and commentate what others are saying about it. The potential for periscope is truly remarkable.

Have any questions about Periscope or how you can use it? Please email me at kzenere@twochicago.com

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