‘Tis The Season For Mobile-Friendly Marketing

Mobile-friendly Marketing

If you haven’t already started preparing for and communicating the upcoming November, December and January holiday promotions, you’re likely behind schedule! The 2015 holiday sales are expected to start now in early November (right after Halloween)…way sooner than the traditional start of the shopping season on Black Friday.

Today marketers have the ability to send immediate time-sensitive, location-sensitive promotions literally into the hands of their consumers via mobile devices. This means that smart phones and tablets are becoming a driving force of online traffic and sales. Advertisers no longer dwell on whether their ad is read among the plethora of promotions arriving in the Thanksgiving Day newspaper, but rather smart marketers are already kicking off relevant targeted promotions to attract interested customers.

This year it is absolutely critical that your company’s website is responsive so it is easily read, navigated and used across all devices from PCs and laptops to tablets and smart phones. You also need a strategic mobile-friendly advertising campaign to assist, encourage and persuade consumers to browse and purchase…while you communicate with them.

Here are some ideas to help bolster your efforts this holiday shopping season so you can aid shoppers with the information and tools they need to complete the transaction and in return increase your sales.

Tips for an Effective Mobile-Friendly Campaign:

  • Make Wi-Fi available, free in store –Allow savvy customers to access email and search for online coupons while shopping. This trend is highly popular and makes for a favorable shopping experience. It allows customers to search comparisons which bodes well for low price leaders.
  • Promote your company’s App – If you have an App, make sure that consumers are aware of it and have easy access (feature it on instore signage). During the holiday season, everyone wants to save…your app can provide a desirable daily deal and capture leads.
  • Know customer preferences – Don’t bulk mail or email blast irrelevant communications to the masses. Look at purchase history, segment accordingly and send product/service offers based on known interest level and preferred communication method. Give them what they want!
  • Send valuable, frequent contacts – Every week presents another shopping opportunity. Be sure communication is on-going, consistent and fully loaded with perceived value – discount coupons/promo codes, early bird specials, invite only sales and more. Offers need to appear desirable, time-sensitive and exclusive to motivate consumers to shop now.
  • Redeem all coupons and honor sale price – Nothing is worse than fighting the elements and traffic to find out a savings code or sale price is ONLY VALID ONLINE. You’ll surely upset customers. Maximize sales potential, be flexible, and offer the same things in-store and online.
  • Price match retailers and online merchants – Every store has a mark-up…it just depends how much profit they’re willing to part with. During highly competitive times, it’s beneficial to willingly, openly price match to close a sale… if there’s valid proof of the competitor’s sale price.
  • Incorporate “Buy Now” links – During the holiday season you do not want any buyer hesitation. If someone happens to visit your website to browse products or receives an email with feature products, make sure that they can easily purchase them within a couple of clicks.
  • Use mobile proximity marketing – if you have a mobile database of people who’ve opted-in to receive communications, send special text offers via phone while they are in the area. This alerts them of breaking sales news and discounts that they can take advantage of immediately.
  • Geo target consumers online – Cost-effectively serve online ads to a specific niche market, based on their location and/or buying behavior, with related display or pay-per-click ads as they surf the net for holiday sales. This can even the playing field and increase your potential returns.
  • Reduce shipping fees or offer free delivery – if a sale price or coupon is highly desirable but your shipping fee is high, you’ll likely lose the sale. Be conscious of the full cost including delivery… and if possible, offer solutions such as free site-to-store shipping.

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