10 Instagram Tips for Business Accounts


During the holiday season we will be looking back to our best blog posts of the year.

Here is Number 8 by Kelly Zenere

Instagram is a free application for smart phones or tablets. It allows users to create retro looking images and post them on social media. It basically boils down to: making your life or brand look cooler!

10 Instagram Tips for Business

  • Create an account only for clients who can benefit from the application.
  • Hold hashtag contests for best photo.
  • Have giveaways for users who Instagram at a client location.
  • Have client send relevant photos using the application.
  • Share compelling photos.
  • Tell the company’s story through photos.
  • Expand to a new audience and let your followers on your other social platforms know that the company is on Instagram.
  • Post consistently to keep followers engaged.
  • Engage with the Instagram community.

Check List for Instagram:

¨    Create appropriate Profile handle.

¨    Add custom image for photo to profile.

¨    Add website and bio info to profile.

¨    Connect to Twitter and Facebook.


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Previously posted on December 2, 2014