7 LinkedIn Profile Must-Haves

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Creating a LinkedIn Profile is a great way to network within your professional arena. The site is designed specifically for the business community, so your profile should reflect you professionally. I have seven LinkedIn profile must-haves that will get your profile seen by the networks, business, and people you want to network with.

1. Use a professional looking photo. Adding a profile photo makes your profile 7x more likely to be viewed by others.

2. Only use your professional name. LinkedIn is for business so you should use the name you were born with. You don’t want professionals calling you by your middle school nickname.

3. Brand your professional headline. You only have 110 Characters, so make this a condensed version of your 30 second elevator pitch.

4. Optimize your location. If you want to be found in a certain area near where you live then use that area code.

5. Customize your profile URL. LinkedIn like Facebook lets you customize how people find you. Mine is https://www.linkedin.com/in/kellyzenere

6. Join Relevant LinkedIn Groups. Joining a Group lets others in your field contact you allowing you to connect with people you don’t know in your field.

7. Be Active! Let other professionals in your field know you have a voice in what you do. Share insightful industry news and update your status regularly.

There are always improvements you can make to your LinkedIn profile, but these seven are musts! If you have any other suggestions for LinkedIn profiles please comment below. If you would like to contact me directly on how to improve your profile or your business’ page please email me at kzenere@twochicago.com.

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Original post date May 5, 2015