5 Types of B2B Content

Business 2 Business


In the past I’ve written a couple of articles about the importance of creating compelling content (Infographics in your Content Marketing Strategy and 7 Types of Traffic Driving Content) to increase brand awareness and improve sales.  But in these articles, the articles are more B2C focused.  Although a lot of the content in these articles can be applied to both the B2C and B2B markets, I want to take a deeper look into the types of content that is best positioned for the B2B market.

1. Blogs.  A blog is the number one place for a company to make an impact.  It’s a place where companies can educate their target audience about themselves, their product, and make a stance on their industry.  This thought-leadership content can be pushed through all social media channels.

2. Infographics. They are a great way to make a visual impact of data or stats. And they have major VIRAL potential!  They are perfect to share on all your social media channels.

3. Original Data or Research.  Sharing original research or survey results give your company credibility and position them as an expert in the field.  You can then use that information for an infographic or blog post.

4. White Papers.   Writing comprehensive papers around a topic in the industry, positions the company as an industry leader.

5. Case Studies.  Sharing successful case studies of your companies product or service is a great way to demonstrate how your company can impact your target audience.

Generating the right types of content to your target audience will create higher levels of engagement. And with higher levels of engagement, your company will see an increase of sales!