3 Steps to Selling Products on Instagram

3 steps to selling on Instagram


Instagram is a great Social Media platform to showcase your products, but many people want to know how they can sell their products directly from the site. It’s easy, but you need to follow some key steps in order to get your products to stand out! 

1. Product Shots and Descriptions

Before you post your products make sure you have a design strategy. Product placement is a key element to driving sales on Instagram. You need to define your strategy for your page and stick to that aesthetic. Once you have your images use different filters to showcase them. You can also use the Instagram Layout app to show a product in many ways.

Using emojis on Instagram

To attract attention to your images you will need to give good product descriptions! Adding relevant emoji’s will help break up text, but don’t go overboard. Also, don’t forget the Hashtags. Using three to five hashtags is a good start for a social selling campaign. You can use the search and explore feature to see what hashtag is trending that is related to your product. Also, don’t forget to use a branded hashtag! Branded hashtags make it easy for you to see who likes your products and who is using them! That brings us to the next tip.

2. Partner With Your Audience

When you partner with your audience on Instagram you expand brand awareness. Start by searching your branded hashtag daily and see who is posting photos with your products. Then regram photos of clients wearing or using your product and don’t forget to give them credit!


After you get a large following partner with key audience influencers. Reach out to influencers via Instagram and ask in return for sending free product if they will post some photos of them using it. “Instagram influencer marketing is becoming a key factor in social selling, and the high brand recognition rates prove that. In fact, it’s not unheard of to have 29% to 45% recognition rates, driving engagement up by nearly 60% in some campaigns.” –Social Media Exaimner

3. Convert With Easy Purchasing

Instagram selling

So now you have a following and are seen as a legitimate business on Instgram. Here is the big question, “how do you sell the product?” By using a selling tool like Have2Have.It you will create a clickable link for your Instagram Bio. Add the link to your bio and once a customer clicks it they will be sent to a site that has the same look and feel as your Instagram page where they can buy your products. Have2Have.It even has a dashboard that includes conversion tracking so you can prove ROI!

There you have it! Three steps to selling your products on Instagram. When are you going to start selling your products using social media and if you already are how are you doing it? Comment below with your tips or thoughts and email me if you have any questions Kzenere@twochicago.com

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