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Nowadays, there are many places and options for business owners to perform “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) marketing campaigns. One can easily choose to walk into a retail store or jump online, in the convenience of their office, to place an order for marketing print collateral, such as: stationary, business cards, postcards and brochures.  Sure, it might be right for some companies because it’s quick and hassle-free, but smart business owners won’t discount the added value of working with a marketing agency partner.

Here are a few reasons why working with a marketing agency is better than doing it on your own:

1. An agency helps define your objectives:  Many business owners cannot think impartially about their own business. No fault of their own, but they’re just too close to it. They often cannot see clearly from both perspectives (owner vs. customer) and from all angles (product, price, promotion and people). However, a neutral agency partner can help to break it down so everyone can openly examine and discuss the factual strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats that currently exist… to best determine the relevant next steps and ultimate end-goals.

2. An agency helps create innovative solutions: Often businesses find themselves in a rut doing the same campaign over and over…If it isn’t broken, why fix it? But then they wonder why their market share and revenue growth has suddenly plateaued. A marketing agency can help a business think outside-of-the-box to find new methods and channels to reach a key audience. Besides boosting existing customer sales, agencies strive to find new and additional ways to capitalize, such as: cross-selling, supplemental customer segments and new niches.

3. An agency helps effectively reach your target: Let’s be honest, most business owners are not also marketing experts… which means they may not be aware of all available means and tactics to reach their potential customers. From customer behavior profiling to media planning and placement and specialty list rentals, a marketing agency can provide invaluable assistance in helping a business owner cost-efficiently reach its BEST customers so… each dollar spent, is spent wisely, generating a profitable return on investment (ROI).

4. An agency helps to measure response: Many DIY marketing campaigns are likely not measurable and results-driven. However, if working with an agency partner, we are going to take accountability for our recommendations. We know, understand and appreciate that you expect to see performance results at the end of each campaign so we will put honest measures in place to test each and every strategy and deliver end results. And, good or bad, we want you to know whether or not your campaign worked…so that next time around, we can adjust tactics accordingly.

To sum it up, please remember, that we… the agency, think of ourselves as an extension of YOUR marketing department, a valued strategic partner in your business’ success. Your business is significant to us.  We will not waste your money; We spend it like it is our own! And we are always striving to make your marketing campaign more productive by developing sound strategy and quality creative that yields a higher response.  So, don’t do it yourself, call us and let’s do it together!

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