What Does Facebook Live Mean for Marketers?

Facebook Live


Last month Facebook launched an easy way for users to broadcast live video on their platform. While there are other platforms doing this right now, like Periscope, nothing has been done on a major scale like Facebook.

Creating a live stream is easy, but you’ll need to use your iPhone to broadcast.  There’s a designated “Live” button in the status update bar that allows you to set up your audience and write a description of what you are streaming.  To learn more, check out Facebook’s Tips & Tricks.

What really got me thinking were the marketing possibilities of this new feature. Below are a few examples for how to use Facebook Live for your company.

1. Announcements.  Facebook Live gives you the ability to talk to all of your Facebook followers immediately.  If your company has a new product or service feature, you can now tell your Facebook audience “in person.”

2. Live Question/Answer Sessions.  During your live streaming, your audience can comment during your broadcast. So you can get real-time questions from your audience and answer on the spot!

3. Reaction to News/Event. When something important is trending on the news that day, and is relevant to your company, this feature allows you to reaction and respond in real-time as the event/story unfolds.

Don’t forget that most Facebook Live opportunities need to be promoted well in advance so your audience is “at the ready” to be there with you.  For example, if you don’t promote a “Live” question/answer session, you could just be waiting around, but nothing happens.  Make sure you have questions at the ready in case no one “shows” for your live streaming, but most of all, make sure you let your audience know you’ll be there.

During your stream, remind your audience members to “Follow” you on Facebook…this will allow them to receive Notifications when you go live again. Also, longer broadcasts attract more viewers so it’s recommended to stream for at least 5 minutes.  You want to make sure you have enough content for a 5 minute live broadcast.

Not only do you get immediate comments and reaction icons from your audience while you broadcast, but also you’ll have Facebook’s insight tools that show you how many viewed, etc.  And once your broadcast is complete, you can boost your post to gain even more viewers.

If your company is interested in incorporating a Live Facebook into your marketing campaign, just email me: jschenher@twochicago.com.