Twitter Evolving

Twitter evolving

So much has happened since 2006, when the first Tweet was posted. Tweets are no longer just 140 text characters. They are hashtags, videos, photos, and vines. Twitter now even lets you poll your community using GIF reactions and lets you broadcast live using Periscope. In the past week, we’ve just found out Twitter is making major change to its 140 Tweet character limit, so you now have the ability to post and Tweet more information!

Some people struggle with the 140 Tweet character limit. In the past handles, photos, videos, and even Retweets were included in the 140 Tweet count, but that is now changing. Twitter is bowing down to marketing and user demands and is making changes to “simplify Tweets”. Below are the amazing new changes Twitter is providing.

  • Media Attachments: Now when different media attachments are added to your tweet they will no longer count as characters. This is a long time coming and now you have more characters to describe an image, video or quote tweet!

  • Replies: Now when you reply to your friends or favorite brands your @handle will not count in the 140 character limit. This is nice because some brands have super long handles, so it’s hard to really get your message across when the handle is using 10+ characters.

  • Removal of .@: Some of you might now know this but if you use .@handle in the beginning of a tweet it will be broadcasted to all of your followers instead of just that particular user. Now when you start a Tweet with a user name you will no longer have to use the “.@” to reach all of your followers.  Also, now if you want your followers to see a reply you can Retweet it.

These updates are going to be rolled out in the upcoming months and I cannot wait for media attachments to no longer be counted in the 140 character count. Twitter is also coming out with more updates in the future to better streamline your Tweeting experience. I want to know, which update is your favorite and what other updates do you want Twitter to develop? Comment below and let’s have a discussion.

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