What to write about: 5 ways of finding the right topic.

        writers block

I spent way too long thinking of the right content to write about this week.  In fact, I got nowhere.  Then it dawned on me! Write about not knowing what to write about!  Being a blog or content writer comes with topic fatigue.  Here are some tips to help you find your next blog topic to cover.

  1. What’s trending? Check out your industry’s trade publications and news outlets to see what’s trending in your industry.
  2. What’s happening in-house? Sometimes there are exciting topics to write about in your own backyard!  Talk to others in your company and different departments to see what’s happening.  It may be note-worthy.
  3. What’s your sales cycle? Is this your busy season?  Should you be talking about the hot product/service your company offers?  Is it your slow season?  If so, maybe your take a more educational approach to writing about your industry.
  4. What are they doing?  Check and see what your competitors are writing about.  You might find your company has a different angle on how they approach a certain topic.
  5. What do your customers want to know?  Leverage your social media audience.  Ask them what they’d like to know about your company/industry—they might just give you the topic you are looking for.

You are not alone.  Want to make it even easier to come up with topics?  Contact me at jschenher@twochicago.com and we can help you write your next blog post!