3 Ideas for Marketers as Consumers Control Ad Content


While doing some industry reading of recent news headlines, I came across “I love advertising, said no one ever”.

The article mentions how some consumers can go out of their way to avoid advertising: ad blocks, streaming TV shows and movies without commercials, and DVRs.  With the ability in some cases to control ad content, how can we as marketers still reach consumers? Is this really the future?

Likely it will continue to become a challenge for marketers as more digital and traditional channels are available, yet consumers can opt which messages they want to view/receive and even when.

Here’s some ideas for marketers in the meantime.

  1. Know your consumer base.  Based on what you know, find that channel mix that has the most potential for reach new consumers and retain existing ones.
  2. Find out what products/services have appeal. What motivates buyers to buy, whether it’s advertising or something else?
  3. Breakthrough. Think how your message can creatively reach the consumer that outwardly doesn’t view ads. Likely the majority of your audience is not that extreme, but give some thought and research the change in the shifting consumer views of advertising.

Advertising and marketing are here to stay, but as always, buckle up, because the market is always changing. It’s up to us to stay on top of or even ahead of the shift in consumer attitudes.

Realistically though, while it’s possible to control a device with advertising preferences, still some advertising messages will reach those who don’t seek them out. Outdoor, point-of-purchase, even clothing sells a product brand or service. Ads can’t be completely blocked from daily experiences.

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