6 Common Direct Mail Mistakes

6 common direct mail mistakes

It has been 97 years, since the post office last had a substantial drop in postage rates. With that said, now is the time to take advantage of the $0.02 per piece decrease and communicate with your customers/prospects the old fashion “direct mail” way.

To get the best results, it is important that you not only focus on the visual design but also on all the parts that play into the success of the mailing. If you stay away from the 6 common direct mail mistakes below, you will produce a more effective piece.

  1. Not Knowing Your Target Audience. It is important you know who your customers are. Take a minute and study their demographics and behaviors so you can segment your lists into groups with similarities for the most effective campaign response outcome.
  2. One Size Does Not Fit All. Design, content, offers and images must be relevant and need to be of interest to the audience you are speaking to. In order to achieve this, you might have to invest in multiple creative/copy versions.
  3. Being Impersonal. Everyone likes to be addressed by name and it is no different in direct mail communications. Sending a personalized message makes your customers feel like you value them and understand their needs and interests. In a Accenture study, it was reported that more than 56% of consumers say they would be more inclined to use a retailer or service if it offers a personalized experience.
  4. Not Including Benefit Copy. One common mistake that we often see in direct mail, is that the copy focuses on features of the product/service being sold and not the benefits of the product to the customer.
  5. Not Including a Compelling Offer. The offer can make or break the success of your campaign so make sure you include an attractive offer that is clear, concise, unique (one they cannot find anywhere else) has a good perceived value and is appropriate for the target audience.
  6. Relying on Unclean Data. Many lists are outdated. Make sure to scrub the list for inaccurate addresses, the deceased, people who have asked to be taken off your list and those who have changed moved. By having a clean list, your chances for a successful campaign are greatly increased.

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Stacy Dautel