Happy Birthday

Are you taking advantage of milestone marketing initiatives, such as time-sensitive “Birthday” Mailings and Emails? 

Being that my birthday just recently passed, I can sincerely state that I really appreciated all of the sweet nothings that I received from retailers whom I frequent. To be completely honest, it wasn’t so much the nice sentiments, but rather the great pleasure of opening my mailbox to find desirable MONEY SAVING COUPONS from places that I like to shop!

Some consumers may consider direct mail and email somewhat intrusive, but when these channels are strategically used to send a relevant, timely communication with an invaluable offer to an “interested” recipient… it’s actually beneficial for everyone involved.

So to acknowledge some “smart” marketers that hit my inbox this past week, here’s a glimpse of what others are doing in various industries to help “make my wishes come true!”

Office Depot: “Unwrap something special with bonus rewards. GET 5% BACK IN REWARDS on furniture, tech accessories, office essentials, cleaning supplies and so much more during your Birthday month.”

Kohl’s: “HERE’S HOPING ALL YOUR WISHES COME TRUE…Starting with this super-sweet way to save! $5 off your next purchase.”

Classic Cinemas: “Happy Birthday from Classic Rewards! Click on the link below, print out the coupon and bring it to your favorite Classic Cinemas theatre to receive a FREE movie ticket.”

Want to try a birthday mailing? Just contact The Weinstein Organization. We can assist with appending birthday dates to your existing customer database so you too can “surprise” your valued customers with an incentive “gift” that hopefully becomes the “gift that keeps giving” as it rewards you with increased customer loyalty and generates sales.

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