7 Ways Pokémon Go Can Boost Your Sales

pokemon go


Last month when Pokémon Go hit the App Store, my newsfeed was filled with stories about the Pokémon Go phenomenon. I was intrigued. I downloaded the game and was immediately blown away. Here was a game that took the user “out into the world” to “catch em’ all”. Even my 12-year-old, who was playing the game too, was suddenly asking me if he could “go outside and take a walk!” What was happening???

Now in this post I use the game terminology…to learn about what these things are like PokéStops and Gyms…check out this article in TIME that helped me.

But by getting players out and about in the community, businesses have an opportunity like never before.  They can leverage this phenomenon by giving players special offers for playing at their location and boost sales!

Below are 7 ways companies are already leveraging this game and other ideas:

1. Create a promotion exclusively for players. I passed by Au Bon Pain in Chicago, and here’s how they are promoting the game. They are generating sales by encouraging Pokémon players to come inside their store and take advantage of their offer.

pokemon go ad

2. If your location has multiple PokéStops and Gyms, create map or site to help people play the game. Look how Six Flags Great America created a guide with tips and a list of PokéStops and Gyms making it easier to find.

3. Promote your PokéStop. Many businesses have local landmarks on them, are located next to a PokéStop or in fact ARE a PokéStop.  Offer special discounts to players who come by and play the game.

4. Does your business offer free WiFi?  If your business is a PokéStop AND offers free WiFi, let players know they can come to your place of business and play without using precious data minutes. Players might stick around longer than usual!

5. Place “Lures” at your PokéStop. So you found out your business IS a PokéStop, now place a Lure. How do you place a Lure? Here’s how. A lure brings Pokémon to the PokéStop.  It lasts for 30 minutes.  You can pay a few dollars to have them placed at your location and promote via outside signage and social media. Or you can give discounts to anyone who places lures at your location.  It’s a win win!

6. Near a Gym? Put a sign outside letting players know they can come inside and fight at the Gym! For example, I was getting a pedicure today and opened up my Pokémon Go game, and not only was I close enough to a PokéStop to get more balls and potions, but I was also next to a Gym! I was able to fight my Pokémon while relaxing and getting more fabulous. See below…I hope she didn’t mind it in her face…and don’t worry, I got ‘em.

pokemon go pedi


7. Set up charging stations. If you have bunches of PokéStops and Gyms near by, get some power strips and let players know they can come to your place and charge their phone. And if you have a restaurant, they can get a drink and something to eat before going off to play more!

This just scratches the surface as to how to grow your business with of this game, email me at jschenher@twochicago.com.