Need a Marketing Breakthrough?


This morning I was reading a Forbes article “How to Create Your Own Marketing Breakthrough”. 

The article speaks of 3 strategies, which I agree with, as I can see how they’ve been an integral part of The Weinstein Organization’s (TWO) culture. As I share with you, I’ll apply to our experience. I hope you’ll be able to incorporate these tips into your company’s product and services, and please let me know how I can help grow your business or help address a current need.

1. Develop your niche. TWO has roots in direct response, and we’ve been doing postal direct mail since 1992. While direct mail is still a significant portion of our business, we’ve continued to expand our services in other forms of media. We’ve customized multi-channel campaigns to each client, that may include some direct mail but also have expanded our capabilities into the digital space.

2. Provide new research. The importance of the research process cannot be emphasized enough. TWO’s approach is to be open to various kinds of information sources for the industry, our clients, competition, etc. It’s vital to stay current to keep growing in business. For each project a unique combination of research can bring a wealth of new ideas to the table, in our experience.

3. Combine ideas. Breakthroughs can come not only from a similar discipline but also from others. At TWO your dedicated account team has open access to other account teams, as well as other industry experts to help brainstorm new idea sources or capabilities.

While the concept of a marketing breakthrough may sound immediate, likely each of these steps take some time to full be realized. What are your marketing challenges? How can these 3 strategies be applied to your business, or do you even know how to get started?

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