4 Steps to Create a Curated Instagram Feed


While looking at many of my favorite Instagram feeds I noticed how many had a beautifully curated look. I then realized they were consciously curating their Instagram’s to go along with their style. Now, many brands are adapting to this curated style and their pages are starting to look like a beautiful collage. If you want your brand’s Instagram to have this look here are four steps to create a curated Instagram feed.

1. Choose You Look: Choosing the design aesthetic and content for your Instagram brand is the first thing you need to do. You need to decide what your brand is trying to say through photos. Your photos need to fit your “vibe” and be consistent.

2. Edit Your Photos Similarly: In order to get that pretty curated look, your brand’s photos should all have the same colors and tones. This will also give your Instagram feed a natural flow for users to scroll through. You can achieve this look by choosing two to three filters and sticking to using just those.


3. Plan Content: This is the most important step. To get that curated look you need to think about which photos look best by each other. To keep yourself sane create a content plan for at least a week or two.  Also, when you plan ahead you’re giving yourself time to respond to comments and comment on other like brand photos.

4. Schedule: When scheduling your brand’s posts you need to think about days and times. Some brands post three photos in a row like SonyMusicGlobal, while others post the same time every day. Determine what you want your schedule to be and stick to it.


Creating a curated Instagram feed doesn’t have to be complicated. The four easy steps above will help you get your brand on its way. If you have any questions or you need help creating a curated Instagram feed for your brand send me an email kzenere@twochicago.com. Also, check out my other blog on how to sell products on Instagram.