4 Secrets to Success with Your Marketing Agency


In a previous blog post, I wrote about the topic “The 3 Ways How The Agency Relationship Can Help You” benefit your business.

The most successful client and agency relationships are partnerships. Like any relationship, there’s give and take. There’s time invested and effort, plus regular communication between both parties.

Here are 4 secrets how to ensure your relationship remains or can become even more successful. The role each party plays can be key to that success.

1) Contributions from both parties. The client’s input is key to the process. For the marketer to understand business objectives, the client who can integrate him/her into the business strategy will define the relationship and marketing results as more successful. Client interaction and direction are important to developing content with the marketer since the client’s the expert of the product/service of their business. Joint participation is beneficial to both parties because the perfect campaign doesn’t “just happen” without collaboration. Agencies are marketing experts but not mind readers

2) The balance of power. The client has enlisted the marketer’s help with a project, provided input and perhaps revisions. Both parties must be willing to balance control. After an agreed upon point in time, if revisions continue to be made, then the message may not be published in a timely way. Content creation can be developed with the input of both parties, but for the marketer to execute, there’s a balance of trust and listening to the counsel from each side.

3) Time invested into the relationship. The agency is the marketing expert and you are the expert in your own business. The marketer also wants to best understand your business, so share information that will be helpful to the project. The marketer can help create content with help from the client, but the two groups should work together to establish an agreed upon review and approval process that works for everyone.

4) Defined goals. The marketing strategy is an element of a business strategy. It’s successful when the client knows business goals, customer base, revenue generation, etc. can help identify and articulate them to the marketer. This benefits the marketer to best develop a campaign by understanding the client objectives, target audience and metrics for evaluating success. This ensures that the client and agency are working toward the same goal.

Hope these 4 tips have helped add some food for thought to your existing or potential marketing agency partnerships! If you have questions or want to discuss more in depth, reach out to me at kmonson@twochicago.com.