4 Tips to Enhance Your LinkedIn Company Page

4 Tips to enhance your linkedin

LinkedIn isn’t just a social media space for people to find jobs or for companies to find qualified employees. It is also a space where companies can curate and nuture relationships with potential clients or vendors. The thing is most companies aren’t using their LinkedIn Company Page to its full potential. Here are four ways to improve your LinkedIn Company Page.

First, a little over two years ago, Janelle wrote, 15 Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Company Page. If you haven’t already, please read her 15 tips to make your LinkedIn Company Page stand out. You need to be doing these 15 things first before you read my four.

1. Engage followers. Engaging your followers will help create the best relationships. Not all of your content should be self-promotion, though. LinkedIn members want insightful, informative, and knowledgeable content they can use. By creating engaging and usable content you’ll gain more followers and potentially new clients.

2. Showcase your company. LinkedIn showcase pages let you promote certain company events, products or services to specific customer segments. They are a subpage of your company page are meant to be used by themselves as a stand-alone page. Don’t create a showcase for everything your company has to offer, but for the products or services you want to highlight.

3. Create a content calendar. Like I said before engaging followers is a must. To keep your LinkedIn Company Page top of mind you must post at least every day of the work week. Keep your content succinct. One study found that the best length for LinkedIn posts is between 20-25 words.

4. Pitch directly to prospective clients. Take a look at your LinkedIn company description. Was it copied and pasted from your company About section?  If you said yes, you’re not alone. Most businesses copy, paste and call it a day. Say a prospective client finds your LinkedIn Company Page through your website and then reads the same content you have on your site. You’re missing an opportunity to let the prospective client know more about your company and how you can benefit them. Write a description that speaks to the users visiting your page and explain how you can help their needs.

I hope these four tips help your company’s LinkedIn page. If you still need help building a stronger LinkedIn Company Page? Contact me at kzenere@twochicago.com.

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