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What made this 2016 Presidential Election coverage different from past years? Some say it was the on-going daily drama between two vibrant candidates. Others say it was the media’s captivating dissection of every political high and low leading up to the main event.

Statistically speaking, this election does not compare to any other. New records were set across the board for election activities ranging from campaign donations and debate viewership to voter turnout.  But why? We should give credit where credit is due…It was, of course, the candidates’ stellar marketing strategies!

Both nominees Hillary Clinton (69) and Donald Trump (70) made history early on for being two of our country’s oldest Presidential candidates, but it goes without saying that they also deserve credit for being some of our hippest candidates too!

As senior citizens, they were not hesitant or shy about capitalizing on all areas of trending social media. Both campaigns knew precisely how to cost-effectively reach and communicate with their target audiences by frequently utilizing social media channels to get their message across promptly.

Take a look at the impressive number of followers and subscribers these two racked up!

Trump and Clinton Social Info

An online article by Craig Smith of DMR Stats l Gadgets estimated that by mid-March 2016, Donald Trump’s social media efforts had earned him approximately $383 million in free media! It goes without saying that the candidates’ decision to use social media was a win-win for both campaigns.

If your company sends frequent communications, highlights and updates to your customer base, it is essential to develop an on-going social media strategy and plan. This will help you get communications out in a timely and cost effective manner to an interested audience. Social media also strengthens relationships and can turn mere customers into loyal fans of your company and brand.

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