Marketing Opportunities Using Pokémon GO and Augmented Reality

During the holiday season, we will be looking back to our most popular 2016.

Here is Number 10

Pokemon Go Logo

It seems like everyone in the whole world hopped on the bandwagon with the recent launch of Pokémon GO. If you don’t know what Pokémon GO is you can read more about it in this USA Today article. Pokemon GO uses Augmented Reality (AR), which is the ability to see the real world in real time with elements that are augmented by a computer-generated input. This input could be GPS location, sound, and visuals such as graphics or video. You can see in the photo below an example of AR being used at a Chicago “L” Stop. Using AR for digital marketing is the next big thing and McDonald’s is first to use the Pokémon GO app for marketing purposes.

pokemon go

AR has been around for a few years. If you download the Ikea app you can use their AR simulator to add a couch to an area in a room to see if it fits or if you like it. AR hasn’t really taken off because consumers would have to download many different apps to serve only one purpose, like trying on sunglasses, adding furniture to a room, or experimenting with makeup without having to actually put it on. Companies haven’t seen a real money making opportunity with AR, but with the launch of Pokémon GO the marketing opportunities using AR within an already very popular app are rising. Many businesses are seeing a lot more foot traffic and increase in sales with people playing the game, because their store was randomly chosen to be a Pokéstop.

Tomorrow, McDonald’s is launching the first Pokémon GO sponsored marketing campaign in Japan. The game has the ability to get people to go to specific locations to get more Pokémon or claim gym prestige.  McDonald’s is debuting “Sponsored Locations”, which means, “McDonald’s locations will be either in-game gyms, where players can battle for control of that particular spot on the map, or Pokéstops.”-Gizmodo With this launch the marketing possibilities using AR and Pokemon GO really are endless. Companies could buy advertising space in-game gyms, the map feature could label brand specific locations, and specialty branded items could be given to players once they reach a certain level. The possibilities really are endless.

I now want to ask what you think about the marketing opportunities using Pokemon Go. Do you think it’s just a fad or do you think there is a legitimate marketing opportunity with this game? Tell me in the comments below.

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