Emojis: To Include or Not to Include in Your Next Campaign?

This next popular post from 2016 is about those cute little pictures we text to each other.

Here is our 8th most of 2016


Emojis, cute little pictograms, have probably crept into your vernacular by now.  It’s a newer way to communicate through images. They are everywhere. Not anymore just in iPhone instant messages. But Advertising Campaigns and Social Media. And there’s now more of them. With each software update, I think my phone has a bigger emoji library than I could possibly ever use.

So since they are becoming increasingly used in casual communications, should you include them in your marketing campaigns? Are emojis here to stay?


If you perform a Google search you can see there are some major brands including emojis in current efforts. Consider a few of the following questions if you should include in your marketing plans.

  • Is an emoji message going to resonate with
    your target audience?
  • Does the emoji tie closely enough with your branding?
  • Is the emoji strategy appropriate for your product or service?
  • Is the emoji clearly supporting the campaign objective?

At TWO, we have incorporated emojis recently into an email campaign creative. This is happening! So do you have a project where you might want to try incorporating emojis?

Reach out to me if you could use some help: kmonson@twochicago.com

Until then.