3 Benefits of Recruiting Sales Agents Through LinkedIn

Insurance agents are the heart of your business. Whether they’re captive or independent, they represent your brand and bring your products to the marketplace. In fact, your company’s growth depends on recruiting successful agents who will help you reach—and exceed—your sales targets.

Fortunately, with the right strategy and tools, you can put LinkedIn and today’s hottest social media recruitment trends to work for you—and keep a steady stream of agent sales leads flowing in.

So why should you consider recruiting captive and independent sales agents on the professional networking powerhouse, LinkedIn?

First, let’s face the fact: today’s most in-demand sales talent is online, connecting with colleagues and seeking all types of career resources and opportunities. And LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 467 million worldwide members. Here are three benefits of using LinkedIn to recruit quality insurance salespeople:

1. It Puts You in Front of Experienced Agents and Brokers
Insurance sales professionals are part of a diverse candidate pool. Some represent only one company, while others are free to sell products from a variety of carriers. Still, others focus on one line of business—life, health, or P&C, for instance—and some meet their customers’ needs with a full range of insurance solutions. But one thing is for sure: they’re qualified salespeople who keep their eyes open for new opportunities and explore employment options that enable them to make the most of their expertise.

Your most qualified candidates may not even be actively seeking a new job. Consider the independent agent who’s ready and willing to take on new lines of business—only they haven’t taken action yet. According to a Society for Human Resource Management survey, attracting such passive job candidates is the top reason (82%) that organizations use social media for recruitment. Truly top-notch professionals are open to working with your company. They just haven’t seen the offer to join your team.

2. …And Promising Candidates New to the Industry
When your goal is to pull the best candidates to your website to learn about sales opportunities—you’re wise to cast a wide net. Put your message in front of all professionals on your candidate wish list. This includes people with the skills and experience that you believe will make them a success as an agent—and not just people in the insurance space.

Your next sales superstar may be in a completely different industry and looking for a career change. Real estate agents, bankers, and even teachers, for example, are positioned to make a successful transition into the new line of work because they have a proven ability to build relationships with people and have numerous existing connections in their communities. And if they have an entrepreneurial spirit and an innate desire to help people protect their assets and lifestyles, they might feel that selling insurance is a perfect fit. Put your message in their path, because it just might spark their interest.

3. It Helps You Recruit Tomorrow’s Talent.
There’s no doubt that winning agents come from every age bracket and experience level. But where is your “next-generation” sales force? They’re up-and-coming professionals getting their feet wet in the work world, gaining experience and expertise they can bring to a successful insurance sales career. They’re Millennials (born 1981 to 1997), the technology natives actively participating on social media. And according to LinkedIn, 87 million of them are on the professional networking site. What’s more, the top millennial job (at over 2.7 million) is “salesperson.”

Maximizing Your LinkedIn Recruiting Efforts

While there are different ways to leverage LinkedIn for recruiting, we have found an effective advertising strategy to recruit new sales agents and brokers. Managing a campaign on Linkedin can seem fairly straightforward, but there is quite a bit of nuance when it comes down to optimizing your results—no two companies follow the exact same set of recommendations. Here are our best practices when it comes to crafting the right strategy:

  • Target Profiles Carefully. LinkedIn users develop a profile detailing their work experience and professional skills set. In selecting your audience, choose criteria that demonstrate your recruits will have relevant experience and the qualities that make them a good fit for your company.
  • Pursue the Right Advertising Strategy. On LinkedIn, your ads are being shown to users at the best time: when they’re in a professional mindset. We have found certain options for placement are more successful than others, so need to make sure your ads are placed where they’re likely to make the most impact.
  • Test, Test, Optimize. Testing your ad content is critical to finding out what messages best attract to your target audience. Metrics will become your best friend while determining which content outperforms the others. It takes some work, but testing is the most effective way to consistently recruit top sales talent.

Want to learn more? Get started today.

If you would like to learn more about developing a customized strategy to drive quality insurance sales candidates to your website through LinkedIn, contact me directly at jschenher@twochicago.com.