Multi-Location Marketing: Empowering Local Managers with Hi-Impact Resources

When does one great marketing campaign become 300, 700, 1,000 or more in an instant? When your business has multiple locations—and one great marketing campaign. Consider the ROI!

Now consider 50 great marketing campaigns with pre-approved content that your local managers can customize and deploy for their specific markets at just the right time—it comes out to thousands of opportunities for positive ROI. Doesn’t this give you the marketing goosebumps?

Marketing Across Multiple Locations—Made Easy
We have a client with—you guessed it—a national brand and nearly 700 locations across the US. They’re a wholesale distributor of construction supplies, and their local branch managers’ marketing needs vary widely depending on regional climate, area building trends, and specific community (and even customer) shopping preferences.

They wanted to give their dispersed branch managers instant access to marketing content (e.g. promotional flyers, postcards, website pages) that reflected national brand standards but could also be easily customized to reflect branch-specific customers and offers. And, importantly, they wanted to eliminate “on-the-fly” marketing that took time away from managers and often resulted in less than optimal results.

So we stepped in to provide a solution empowering individual branch managers to run local promotions that supported the national, big-picture marketing strategy—along with what they need to effectively create and manage campaigns.

If you want to give your multi-location managers the tools for local marketing campaign success, here’s what we recommend providing:

1. Pre-approved Marketing Content
All local store promotions should deliver consistent brand identity and messaging in keeping with your brand’s national standards. The materials also include the required legal footnotes, disclaimers, or can’t-miss details.

A way to keep “brand control” in the hands of the home office (and to stop micromanaging locally grown campaigns!) is to develop and maintain all promotional materials at the national level—and make them available to local managers to use at their discretion. Marketing content that can be created and pre-approved for local use includes:

  • Flyers
  • Postcards
  • Coupons
  • Letters
  • E-mails
  • Web pages
  • Ads
  • Even greeting cards

Within each content category, you can include variations to reflect different consumer segments (individuals, businesses, etc.), offer types (20% off, $X off with purchase of $XX, free shipping, etc.), or message (“Welcome, new customer” or “Thanks for your continued patronage”).

Then, you can leave it to each local manager to select the appropriate campaign materials when they want to develop or respond to a local marketing opportunity.

2. Customization Tools
It’s essential for local managers to have the flexibility to customize their campaigns for their specific store, customers, and offers. They know better than anyone which marketing strategies tend to work best in their market.

Customizing a piece of pre-approved content might mean:

  • Inserting the store address, phone number, or website
  • Detailing a special offer
  • Plugging in tracking codes to measure success
  • Changing details to test offers
  • Personalizing a letter or email
  • An invitation to a special branch event

You want to make it easy for local stores maintain an overall relevance—and resonance—with their messaging and promotions and to nurture personal relationships with their customers, build awareness in their communities, and differentiate from nearby competitors. All while representing the national brand accurately.

3. On-Demand Campaign Management Support
Where do local managers go to access their pre-approved content, customize materials, and manage their campaigns? In today’s web-enabled world, the most user-friendly destination is an online resource “hub” that’s managed at the home office and accessible to local managers 24/7.

Providing local managers with a centralized portal where they can view their content options—categorized intuitively by type of content or type of offer—takes a lot of the guesswork out of the marketing process. Plus, they can go in at their convenience and do what they need to do, whether that’s start a new campaign, check the progress of a campaign that’s currently running, or even run a report on campaign performance to share with employees or regional managers.

Giving local managers an easy way to measure the success of their various offers—and optimize their campaigns—is the best route to marketing ROI. Back-end analytics that shows how many customers opened an e-mail or came into the store to redeem a particular coupon are pure gold.

Since 2013 The Weinstein Organization has been providing custom web portal-based solutions for national retailers and sales organizations that allows their local store/branch managers or sales reps to create home-office pre-approved marketing materials in minutes…not weeks. The adoption and acceptance by the local managers and reps has exceeded expectations—and their customers are enjoying brand experiences that boost loyalty and revenue.

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