Optimize Your Landing Page For A Results-Driven Customer Experience

You crafted a winning offer and promoted it with persuasive copy and beautiful design. People were responding! Well, sort of. They took your call-to-action—clicked on the ad, keyed in URL, or followed the link—and ended up on your offer’s landing page, but then…crickets.

Very few of the responders actually redeemed your offer and your campaign fell flat. You got them to the landing page, so kudos! But what went wrong? All we can safely assume is that your customers’ experience was disrupted on the landing page, preventing follow-through and stopping results in their tracks.

Why is the Customer Experience So Important, Anyway?
When your landing page doesn’t deliver conversions, chances are good you didn’t take the customer experience into account. Even the best offer in the world won’t perform optimally if responders don’t enjoy a clean, intuitive, and streamlined experience from the time they respond to your ad through placing an order or redeeming the offer.

According to business strategist Brian Solis, the customer experience is “the sum of all the engagements customers have with you…It’s not one thing, it’s everything.”  We’re operating in an Omnichannel world, where customers expect engagement and consistency across every touch point, including direct mail, online, mobile, social media, in-store, etc. This most certainly includes an offer and its landing page.

It’s worth the effort to optimize the offer redemption process: positive customer experiences are what keep customers happy and coming back for more. As reported in Forbes, 86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience. And a McKinsey study found that maximizing satisfaction with customer journeys has the potential to increase customer satisfaction by 20% and lift revenue by up to 15%.

If your landing page confuses the visitor or creates friction—that’s a negative customer experience (and poor conversion)! You need to make sure your landing page is consistent with your ad creative and the offer that brought the responder to your website in the first place—and then converts them.

How to Build a Landing Page that Yields Results

Maintain consistency from step to step. Your offer and landing page are intrinsically linked as part of a campaign. When your offer gets someone to the landing page—you’ve won half the battle. To get the conversion, the landing page must match the expectation set up in the offer:

  • Use the same copy tone and style message
  • Reinforce the features and benefits you highlighted
  • Follow the same overall design/look and feel
  • Clearly, restates the offer and how to obtain it

Cover the copy basics. The message copy on your landing page should be personal, relevant, and benefits-oriented. It should inspire confidence in your offer and how you can help them. Your page should contain:

  • An effective headline that’s short, simple, and keeps the visitor on the page. Consider testing different headlines to find out which is most responsive.
  • Body copy that’s long enough to make the page credible and informative—but not so long that your offer gets buried.
  • Clear call-to-action with copy that’s specific and creates a sense of urgency by using “respond by” dates, countdown devices showing days/time remaining, etc.

Make it easy to convert. Consider your customers’ point of view and make it a no-brainer to follow-through on their intention to engage with your offer. Ensure the call-to-action stands out as the most visible element on the page—and if your page is on the longer side, have the call-to-action appear several times so it’s always visible when responders scroll down the page.

And know the things that make it difficult to convert, like a length forms that ask too many questions and copy or design elements that distract from the offer redemption or order mechanism.


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