How to Localize and Manage Your Marketing Campaigns in One Fell Swoop

Companies with multiple retail stores or sales locations are always looking for ways to maximize their offer performance and response. And, of course, they want to decentralize and make their marketing campaigns easier to develop and deploy. Fortunately, there’s a way to address both challenges head-on.

We’re going to share here what’s working for our multi-location clients. Read on to learn how to manage your campaigns and maintain offer relevancy and optimal response from Seattle to Miami—and every place in between.

Want Response? Localize!
Whether they’re selling retail goods, commercial services or insurance, corporate marketing leaders are discovering first-hand how important it is to engage customers and prospects with locally customized offers. In fact, the CMO Council reveals that up to 50% of target audiences ignore brand messages if not localized for the native language, local jargon, and cultural references.

We concur. And so do our clients with retail stores, office branches, or sales organizations located across the country. Their customers in some locations might prefer paper coupons over digital coupons, while customers in other locations respond well to e-mail campaigns. What’s more, regional preferences can certainly impact the products shown and photos used, in the sales cycle and even seasonality of campaigns, creating a variance in promotional “drop dates” between locations.

This explains why they oversee the “big picture” strategy and national brand guidelines and trust their local branch, store, or sales managers to run promotions at the location-level.

But herein lies the challenge.

Corporate marketing departments tend to struggle to maintain control of their locations’ promotional materials and messages. When a local-level rep doesn’t send their homegrown marketing materials through the proper channels for corporate approval, they’re taking a risk. Sending postcards to customers announcing a sale, for instance, can be problematic if the mailer doesn’t contain necessary legal disclaimers or it fails to meet brand standards.

Localizing Offers Starts at the Corporate Office
The key to promoting highly effective, localized offers is giving your local managers access to the right marketing materials and tools that meet everyone’s need for control, relevancy, and performance. Thanks to technology, it’s getting easier and more cost-effective for companies to embrace the local offer.

Pre-Approved Marketing Materials. Give your local managers access to professionally designed, well-branded, corporate-approved marketing materials they can customize. Your marketing team can develop these materials (ads, flyers, direct mail pieces, e-mails, etc.) to contain whatever corporately-approved copy points they need, while leaving areas “open” for customization. For example, let them select the headline or offer they think will work best for their area.

Easy Digital Marketing Tools. This customization is made easier if you use digital assets—editable PDFs or other web-based content management system designed for on-demand editing, printing, or e-mailing.

TWO’s success working with nationwide companies using localized marketing campaigns led to our creation of web portal-based solutions that enable local managers or sales reps to customize offers for their local customer base. They provide the best of both worlds: assets that are backed by your company but contain the local “flavor” your local managers need to drive results for their store or branch.

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