14 Ways to Stand Out in Your Customers’ Crowded Social Feeds

Your customers’ social media feeds have a life of their own. Their connections are posting, commenting, updating, and sharing—all day long—so they never know exactly what they’re going to find when they log into their account. A funny meme, cute pics of their neighbor’s kids, some snarky commentary on a morning headline? Probably! But what about an eye-catching post from your company?

Landing in the Feed
Before we explore ways to disrupt your followers’ scrolling flow with “look at me!” content that drives engagement, let’s back up a minute. Your first hurdle is making it onto your customer’s feed in the first place, assuming they’ve already connected with you.

The only surefire way to get your posts to show up is to pay for impressions via advertising. One option on Facebook is to “Boost” your best posts. This allows you to quickly create a Facebook ad using your post. LinkedIn’s Sponsored Content and Twitter’s Promoted Tweets are other advertising options that put your company directly into targeted user feeds.

If you want organic—that is, non-paid—impressions, you’ve got to get creative while using your social media smarts. That’s because Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the other social channels use ever-changing algorithms to decide which posts will show up in an individual’s feed. (Get more insights into algorithms in How to Improve your Google Rankings.) If your company’s post makes the cut and it’s displayed, let’s face it: it has to compete with activity from your customers’ friends and family. This makes organic social engagement a huge concern for marketers who want a piece of their followers’ social media attention span.

But it happens everyday!

Standing Out from the Crowd
There are things you can do to increase the appeal of your social media posts that make it into your followers’ feeds. Try some of these techniques and see which make an impact on engagement—and then try some more!

1. Aim for relevance
This has to come first, right? No matter what kind of marketing we’re talking about, relevance is essential to getting your messages to resonate. The easiest advice to give is, “post things that are interesting to your customers and that add value to their lives.” Make your social posts relevant to your audience. So start (but don’t stop) here.

2. Use images
These stats speak to the power of a picture:

  • Facebook: posts with images see 2.3X more engagement than those without images. (Hubspot)
  • LinkedIn: 98% of posts with images get a higher comment rate. (Socialpilot)
  • Twitter: tweets with images receive 18% more clicks (Wordstream) and 150% more retweets (Hubspot) than tweets without images.
  • Infographics are “liked” and shared on social media 3X more than other any other type of content. (Hubspot)

Need we say more?

3. Post a video
Obviously, video takes images to the next level. According to Vidyard, social media channels are among the most popular for business video distribution and the most common “types” of business videos are explainers, product demos, how-tos, and testimonials. Do you have relevant content you can share with followers via video? Might be a win-win!

We cover videos in more depth in 3 Ways to Break Through the Noise and Boost Response with Video.

4. Craft some great copy
In direct response marketing, headlines are a key way to convey your message’s urgency, usefulness, and more, at a glance. Social posts don’t necessarily have headlines, but they have copy—or characters—that need to be used judiciously. Be thoughtful when crafting your post so you’re clear, concise, compelling…you get the idea!

5. Trigger emotion
Captivate your audience in unexpected ways! Make them laugh. Tug at their heartstrings or inspire them to consider a startling fact. Images are the perfect conveyors of emotion, but words can work, too. No matter what makes them feel it, an emotion can engage.

6. Ask a Question
When someone poses a question, you can’t help but answer, right? If it’s relevant to you, sure! If your followers are scanning their feed and get “hit” with your inquiry, engagement with you might just be a click away.

7. Time it Right
We’re direct response marketers, so naturally, we’re going to promote digging into your data to boost performance. Leverage your social channel analytics to boost your posts’ chances of getting seen. You can use Facebook Insights, for instance, to see when your followers are most active. That’s when you’ll want to schedule your posts.

8. Include an Offer
Catch their eye with an offer they can’t refuse! Make sure it’s relevant (yes, that word again!) so it’s something they’re bound to find value in and want to take advantage of. Check out these 55 Irresistible Offers to Direct Marketing Success for some ideas. Don’t forget, test your offers to boost performance (and relevancy!) over time.

9. Have a Contest
Running a giveaway or sweepstakes is a fun way to engage your social media followers if you’re not promoting a white paper, reduced rate, or other enticing offer.

10. Give a Call to Action
This goes hand-in-hand with “include an offer” but deserves its own spot. A CTA is an explicit directive to your follower that makes it easy for them to engage with you. We’ll repeat that: a CTA is an explicit directive to your follower that makes it easy for them to engage with you. If you want engagement with your offer, make it easy: tell them what to do.

Find more insights in The Secret to Direct Response Success Using Social Media.

11. Think “Right Now”
Consider getting involved in trending events (e.g. the Superbowl, local happenings in your community or industry) or hot topics via #hashtagging to boost post visibility. Or simply start a conversation related to anything that’s current, interesting, and relevant to your company and followers. Even company news qualifies, as long as it’s “now!”

12. Enlist Your Followers’ Help!
Educate your fans on page best practices. For instance, if they want to see posts from the Facebook Pages they follow, they can select the “Pages Feed” on their main navigation menu. What’s more, if they navigate to the “Following” tab on your company’s Facebook Page, they can select “see first” if they want your posts to appear in their newsfeed.

13. Post shareable content
If your relevant, engaging posts catch your followers’ attention, chances are good they’ll catch their follower’s attention. That means you may end up showing up on more feeds than you hoped to!

14. Keep Posting
It’s worth noting Socialmediatoday’s finding that 61% of users need to see something 2-4x before making a purchase. This harkens back to Marketing 101’s mantra, “repetition repetition repetition,” doesn’t it? Keep your content (and offers) alive in the feeds through a proper posting and promoting schedule, and check back on #7. Don’t miss What Your Social Media Activity Is Saying About Your Brand for more.

There are always more creative ways to engage your customers and followers using social media channels. Contact us to learn more.