What to Expect from Your Direct Response Marketing Agency Team

You might wonder, what sets a direct response marketing agency team apart? Apart from digital marketing agencies, apart from solo marketing consultants, or even apart from the marketing professionals working at your company. Here, we’ll share some insights into what differentiates a dedicated direct response marketing team and what to expect while working with them.

Direct Response Marketing Agencies 101
Direct response marketing agencies specialize in helping companies generate immediate action from customers and prospects. That might mean calling or returning a postcard for more information, subscribing to an email newsletter, downloading a special offer, or making an online purchase.

Regardless of what constitutes the desired response, the work that goes into planning, executing, and measuring success is different than what typically constitutes branding and other mass marketing campaigns. Direct response marketing requires a very specific approach—with the right tools and techniques—and a specialized skill set to manage it.

How do you know When it’s Time to Hire a Direct Response Marketing Agency?

Meet Your Agency Team—and Uncover Their Value
Your account team, often comprised of an account supervisor and account executive, manages your relationship with the agency and serves as your point of contact. They work closely with you to determine your needs, set goals and schedules, develop a direct response marketing strategy, and measure success.

Importantly, they oversee, coordinate, and participate in projects with the agency’s creative team, a set of professionals including a creative director, production artist/graphic designer, web developer, and copywriter. They work collaboratively—with your input—to deliver your creative vision and execute your strategy. The account team also works with the media team to recommend appropriate direct mail or email lists, social media, digital display advertising, or traditional print and broadcast advertising options.

What is it, then, that the direct response marketing agency team brings to your company? We believe that you’ll find the most value (and generate the most response!) when working with professionals who demonstrate:

Extensive Experience
As a practice, direct response marketing predates digital marketing. People were receiving direct mail in their mailboxes before email was even a “thing.” That means that experienced direct response marketing agency professionals have ridden the waves of change and collected insights along the way. You can expect them to know:

• How, when, and why to use traditional media (e.g. direct mail) and how, when, and why to leverage digital media (e.g. email and social media)—and how to effectively combine them within the same campaign. (Don’t miss Direct Mail and Email: Direct Response Marketing’s Power Couple.)

• Which techniques have stood the test of time and which are a flash-in-the-pan—and they’ve got the test results to prove it. (Learn more: 6 Most Effective and Time-Honored Direct Mail Creative Techniques.)

• How to craft messages, offers, and creative that resonates with customers in all generational groups, from senior citizens to seniors in high school. (Find out How Direct Response Marketing Can Keep Up With Customers’ Liquid Expectations.)

In other words, generating a response, testing, and tracking and measurement is not new to direct response marketers: it’s been in their DNA since the start. Expect to see this in the way they approach campaigns—and expect them to take the same care with digital media as they take with traditional media.

Meticulous Attention to Detail
The input and output of direct response marketing is all in the details. For instance, you have contact lists for direct mail and email, lead details for campaign responders, and tracking details that measure performance and inform next steps. Whether they’re building a campaign, putting the pieces together, testing it, or reporting on it, they’re steeped in details—so expect to see some extraordinary organization and data know-how.

To take another angle, detail is exceptionally important when it comes to understanding each client’s unique needs, customer base, and goals. Your agency team should take time, especially up-front, to ensure they’re more-than-familiar with your business, your customers, and past results, and position in the marketplace—this research is essential for effective targeting and offer development.

Stellar campaign performance, as measured by ROI, depends on the careful evaluation of data. That’s why you can expect your agency team to closely (and continuously) monitor your campaign activity across channels and look for opportunities to adjust targeting and offers for better response. Explore this topic deeper in If You’re Not Testing, You’re Not Maximizing Results.

Don’t-Miss-A-Thing Agility
In today’s quick-changing marketing environment, it’s critical to have a nimble, responsive agency partner that can react quickly. Part of this has to do with their real-time ability to track campaign performance, part has to do with their approach to customer communications, and part has to do with the fact that their fingers are on the pulse of the marketplace.

How do you benefit from this? You can expect to see frequent, ongoing communication from your agency account team that:

• Keeps you informed of how your campaigns are performing and provides recommendations for next steps
• Shares ideas for new ways (e.g. channels or offers) to connect with your target audience
• Reveals changes to the way marketing partners operate (e.g. rise in postage rates or tweaks to the Facebook news feed algorithm) that may impact campaign structure or performance.

Partnering with a dedicated team committed to your success means that you won’t miss a beat. You can feel confident that experts are behind every campaign decision, providing guidance and best practices throughout the process. And the best part is, you’re seeing results—generating leads, growing your business—along the way.

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