How to Generate Leads With Facebook Ad Campaigns

With over 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook has become an essential place for businesses to connect with existing and prospective customers—and the Facebook family of apps and services enable marketers to take audience engagement beyond company pages, shared posts, and groups. Marketers can tap into advertising opportunities to help them meet a wide range of business goals, including generating high-quality leads.

Let’s take a look at how Facebook advertising campaigns can be deeply customized—and optimized—to generate more leads for direct response marketers.

So Many Ways to Drive (and Define) Advertising Success
Facebook advertisers turn to the social media platform to support a custom blend of brand awareness, demand generation, and profitability goals. That’s why Facebook offers multiple ways to advertise. And advertisers have almost limitless options when it comes to defining objectives, developing budgets, choosing placement options, targeting audiences, designing ads, and more. For instance, advertisers can choose to:

• Run autoplay ads, carousel ads, single image ads, single video ads, slideshows, or collections.

• Target audiences using Facebook data, a variety of data sources (e.g. your CMS, website, or mobile app), or a custom blend of Facebook and other data sources to include people you know and people you don’t know.

• Show ads across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or with Audience Network (a network of apps and websites outside Facebook that show Facebook ads within their content).

• Pay for ads via auction, reach and frequency, and for Target Rating Points (TRP) Buying.

Want Leads?
Direct response marketing goals can span the gamut—but at the end of the day, success is measured by numbers of new leads and conversion. To be clear, when we talk about generating leads, we’re talking about motivating people to “click” on an ad and take some action, like:

• Register for a webinar

• Sign up for a newsletter

• Download a white paper

• Request a quote

• Enter a sweepstake

• Inquire about products or services

• Receive a product sample

• Schedule an appointment

• Download a coupon

When it comes to advertising for the purpose soliciting a specific response, you can run traditional click-to-website ads that send people directly to landing pages to take advantage of lead-generating offers. Alternatively—and this is our preferred method—you can run Facebook Lead Ads, which collect leads within the platform without taking people to your website. When a user clicks on your ad, they’re shown a Facebook form pre-populated with contact information. As soon as they press “submit,” their lead data gets immediately shared with you for follow-up.

TWO’s Tips for Successful Facebook Lead Ad Campaigns
Ready for our tips for lead-generating Facebook ad success? Here are some things we’ve learned while helping clients manage their Facebook Lead Ads:

Keep Tweaking Your Targeting. Get as specific as you can when selecting your audiences. It can take some time, testing, and analyzing results to figure out exactly what geographic areas or user age ranges perform best. Over time, you’ll find patterns in response and can tweak your targeting accordingly—and your creative can follow suit, ensuring you’re building ads that are relevant to the Facebook users who are most likely to “click.”

Pick What Interests Your Ideal Customer. Here’s where it pays to know your customers well. You can target your ads to be shown to people with specific interests, as defined by Facebook user data based on keywords in their posts, page likes, purchase behavior, and content engagement. Get as specific as you need to and determine your audience “sweet spot.”

Use the Auction Payment Method. For lead generation efforts, pay via auction—and let Facebook handle the rest. There’s no need to manage spend manually. You can tell Facebook you have $500 to spend in the month of April, and the platform will optimize the ad placements to make the most of your budget. This way, you’re sure that the most relevant ads are shown to users—not just ads from the highest bidders.

Make it Easy with a Free (and Valuable) Offer
People are more willing to enter your sales funnel when they’re getting immediate value from your offer. And when your ad makes it clear that there’s no strings attached—you’re not asking them to provide their credit card number, for example—they’ll feel more comfortable giving you their contact information. Popular freebies that tend to generate leads (depending on your industry, of course) are free recipes, free research white paper, free “how-to” series, free newsletter, free trial of your product/service, or other content that they’re truly interested in and can use.

The Power of Optimization
Managing campaigns is an ongoing, iterative process. When working with clients to generate leads using Facebook, we start with some basic questions: What do you want to offer? What is it that you want your audience to do? How do you define a qualified lead? And as we move through the process of running and optimizing campaigns, we’re able to answer more specific questions, like: Which audience members are responding to this ad? Which call-to-action(s) yields the most leads? Which images resonate with our target market?

Watching your performance on a daily basis will help you optimize your ads for continuous improvement and ROI. It takes time and commitment, but if you’re generating the leads your company needs for sales success, you’ll know you’re on the right track.