4 Fun Ways Direct Response Marketing Can Delight Your Customers


How often do you do something to delight your customers? (Outside of providing smile-worthy service, of course.) While your customers have come to expect a stellar experience with your products and services, why not find ways to delight them through your direct response marketing—when they least expect it? Keep reading to see what we mean.

The Fun Starts Here
When you think outside of the box—or in this case, the standard direct mail package or postcard—you discover new ways to connect with your customers and drive response. What’s more, aside from drawing attention and engagement, these new ideas are likely to inspire word-of-mouth advertising (or sharing in the social sphere), bringing your message to an even broader audience.

Let’s go!

1. Include A Freebie
Are you about to launch a new product, introduce a new service, or otherwise just want to pack some punch into your #10 envelope? These are all great reasons to consider imprinting your logo (or other relevant details) onto a promotional item and including them in your mailing.

The most budget-friendly options—pens, flash drives, pop sockets, and microfiber sunglasses wipes—are relatively inexpensive to produce, lightweight, and easy to slip into a standard envelope. They’re also useful (and fun) while putting your brand up front and center. And since they’ll make the envelope bulky, it will increase the open rate of your mailing.

Other ideas for envelope or package stuffers that may be perceived as a little more “fun” include product samples, mind teaser puzzles, candy, smartphone accessories…the options are practically endless. Just keep in mind that the bigger (and pricier) your promotional item, the more it will cost to package and mail.

Find more ideas in 6 Most Effective and Time-Honored Direct Mail Creative Techniques.

2. Build Curiosity With A QR Code
QRs have gotten a little more user-friendly now that they don’t require an outside app to unlock. Many smartphones and tablets have built-in QR readers that can scan a code in seconds.

But scanning the code isn’t the fun part—unless you’re building mystery into the reason-to-scan message teaser. Your message itself can bring fun by connecting your customer to a video to watch, an app to download, or a special offer to redeem. The code might send users to…

· Your promotional landing page, where they can buy a product at a special price
· A location on a map, such as your brick and mortar store or your booth at a community event or professional conference
· Their calendar app where they’ll “save the date” for your upcoming webinar

Thanks to personalization technology, you can even create unique QR codes for individuals or different market segments, leading them to personalized experiences. Learn more in Who, Me? 3 Best Practices for Direct Marketing Personalization.

3. Engage Their Senses
If you’ve never thought about incorporating strange shapes, sounds, or smells into your direct response marketing, these ideas may delight you as much as they’ll delight your customers.

· Send dimensional mail. Puffy envelopes, tubes, and boxes have “open me” appeal that can be hard for standard envelope mail to match.

· Keep unfolding. If the classic postcards and tri-folds are a little tired, experiment with die cut self-mailers, accordion or roll mailers, or 6-panel mega mailers. Tune into these USPS Rules for Folded Self-Mailers.

· Share a video. Nifty video mailers, which have built-in LCD screens, look like thin, hardcover brochures that, when opened, treat your customer to—you guessed it—a short audio/video message.

· Scratch-and-sniff. The scent of eucalyptus, bubble gum, asphalt (yes, even asphalt) printed on your mail can go far to make your direct mail interesting and memorable, if, of course, it’s relevant to your message.

4. Promote A Contest
Prize promotions and sweepstakes are popular ways for marketers to generate buzz around their brand, build their fan base, and collect that all-important contact information to expand direct marketing lists. You can ask your audience to…

· Share and vote on “the best” user-generated content
· Enter-to-win anything from a T-shirt to a free vacation
· Answer trivia questions or take a quiz

…all in the spirit of fun. But before you design your contest and start marketing it, read this DMA Guidance for Marketers on Sweepstakes & Prize Promotions.

Ask us for more ideas to make your direct response marketing more successful—and even more fun.