Improve Your Direct Mail Performance with Rapid Data Resources

When your company sends out a direct mail, your goal is recipient conversion, right? Interested customers will open the envelope to learn about your offer, and the most interested ones will take action—visit your offer’s landing page, call the toll-free number, return the reply card—and convert. Success!

But nothing can happen if your customer doesn’t receive your offer in the first place—or if what they do receive makes a bad impression. That’s why regularly putting your mailing lists (house lists and rented lists alike) into the care of a professional mail list and data processing service is essential.

Rapid Data Resources to the Rescue
You may not know about The Weinstein Organization’s Rapid Data Resources, designed to ensure your direct mail campaigns reach their potential. We provide a wide variety of mail processing services to ensure the highest degree of mail deliverability and postage savings for our customers—and in today’s competitive and budget-conscious marketplace, both make a big difference.

Of the more than 155 billion mail pieces processed by the U.S. Postal Service in 2014, 6.6 billion (4.3%) were undeliverable as addressed. What if 4.3% of your direct mail pieces didn’t reach their destination? Any amount of undeliverable mail brings down your campaign’s success metrics and represents up to thousands of dollars in wasted printing and postage costs. And what about the loss of potential new business?

But there’s more. The chances of response (not to mention conversion) are compromised when customers receive mail addressed to a deceased family member, find duplicates in their mailbox, or see misspelled or otherwise “sloppy” contact information on the mailer’s address panel.

The Benefits of Maintaining Clean Lists
Clean lists = higher-quality data. But what does this really mean for your business? It results in:

Getting Your Offers in Front of More Customers
Don’t let a perfectly good mail campaign fall through the cracks because it has outdated addresses or addresses the USPS can’t deliver because of missing data fields or improper formats. When addresses are complete and accurate, your mail is compatible with the USPS automation process—and there’s nothing stopping it from timely delivery and faster response to your offer.

Saving Money
Consider your ROI: when your contact list is up-to-date and deliverable, you can earn USPS automation-reduced postage discounts, reduce postage costs for undeliverable mail, and you won’t have to pay unnecessary printing costs.

Profiting from Better-Performing Campaigns
On the other side of the ROI equation, a higher percentage of your direct mail will land in the correct mailbox, you won’t lose touch with customers after they move (thanks to getting updated addresses!), and your professional-looking mail will add credibility to your offers—and all can result in long-term engagement and sales.

Put Your Best Direct Mail Forward
Rapid Data Resources’ professional mail list and data processing service helping customers maintain clean and tidy mailing lists—and avoid instances of undeliverable and unprofessional-looking mail.

Here’s an overview of our services:

· CASS™ (Coding Accuracy Support System) services—we’ll use our CASS Certified address matching software to run your mailing file against the USPS CASS address standardization tool.

· Address Correction—when an address cannot be matched using our CASS software, we’ll deploy an Address Correction service to either correct address element deficiencies or identify an address as undeliverable.

· National Change of Address—we’ll match your records against the full USPS NCOA Link® dataset of approximately 160 million records, which includes all permanent change-of-address records filed with the USPS over the last 48 months.

· Duplicate Identification—we’ll run a duplicate record check within single or multiple data files to identify duplicate entries in your mailing list and flag them for removal or consolidation.

· Upper-Lower Casing—we’ll convert the information within your mailing list—names, companies, and addresses—from one case to another or to mixed case.

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