Promoting Your Top-of-the-Funnel Lead Magnet Offer, Part 2 of 3

Great news: based on the advice in our first post in this series, you created a top-of-the-funnel lead magnet that you’re eager to promote. You have written and designed the relevant, informative content your target audience is looking for (and likely to “click” on)…now let’s start generating some leads!

Not so fast.

Now is the time to make the most of the opportunity and thoughtfully put your offer in front of the right people, at the right time, and in the right place. Sound good? Keep reading for our insights.

Consider Your Lead Magnet Strategy
In Creating an Effective Top-of-the-Funnel Lead Magnet, we explored how to bring an awareness-driving piece of gated content to life. Whether it takes shape as an e-book, infographic, how-to series, or another format that your target customers tend to enjoy, your lead magnet has been strategically crafted to deliver valuable, helpful high-level insights to prospective customers.

The next step is getting your lead magnet offer out there and putting it to work. The insights that formed your lead magnet’s creation strategy can help you determine its distribution strategy, too. Use your knowledge of your current and ideal customers to determine the where, when, and how you promote your lead magnet offer. Your plan of action will depend on several factors, including:

· Where are they searching? They have questions your lead magnet can answer. They might head straight to Google. They may log into Facebook or LinkedIn to ask friends or colleagues for guidance. Maybe they’re thumbing through magazines or listening to podcasts.

· Who influences them? When feeling the pain points your lead magnet just happens to address, do they consult with friends or colleagues? Maybe they visit professional/industry websites or blogs for thought leadership.

· How do they engage with brands like yours? Some target markets prefer to stay in touch with companies over social media. Others feel more comfortable communicating offline. Still, others like to visit websites and simply browse around until they find what they’re looking for.

Depending on your industry and target audience, this might be enough to get you started. Essentially, you need to consider your ideal customer’s journey: what are their behaviors (online and offline) while they’re in the information-gathering stage, while they’re looking for solutions to the problems you can help them solve?

Getting Your Offer Out There
Your goal is to reach a potential lead, capture their attention, and drive them to action—that is, provide their contact information in exchange for the content in your lead magnet. Here are some ways to promote your offer.

· Direct mail—we’re talking about top-of-the-funnel offers here, so let’s assume you’ve rented a list of prospects in your target market. A postcard or mail kit that addresses their pain points (only alluding to your solution, of course) can be an effective place to invite them to request your lead magnet content and learn more.

· Email—using the same top-of-the-funnel logic as direct mail (using a list of fresh prospects), you can share your message in an email message. If your list targeting and offer are both on-point, you may get new leads for your lead magnet content from email forwards.

· Print ads—traditional ads promoting your content might be just the ticket for market segments who read newspapers or magazines, especially when your offer is placed on the same page as a highly relevant article.

· PPC search ads—if you know the keywords your ideal top-of-the-funnel leads are using to search online, a pay-per-click campaign will get your offer in front of them. Testing your offer’s wording and target audience details will help optimize your campaign for better results over time.

· Social media—there are a few ways to promote your lead magnet using the social media channels used by your target audience:

✓ Post the offer on your profile page
✓ Share the offer in a post that gets sent out to followers’ news feeds (and remember, its reach might get amplified through shares!)
✓ Share the offer with a group you manage
✓ Set up a targeted PPC ad campaign on the social platform

· On your website—considering the inbound marketing power of search engine optimization, here’s how your website can be a lead generation powerhouse:
✓ Place the offer on your homepage to attract new visitors who key in your URL directly
✓ Give the offer prime real estate on relevant internal website pages, such as product pages or in the “resource” section
✓ Create a search-optimized page specifically for the lead magnet
✓ Highlight and promote your offer in a blog post

· As a secondary offer—promote the lead magnet within a piece of ungated content, leveraging the opportunity to connect more deeply with those who are already teetering on the edge of your funnel because they’ve already “clicked once.” Using this tactic, getting access to your lead magnet is what compels them to provide their contact information.

· Through an industry partner or influencer–feature your lead magnet in another company’s newsletter or on their website or blog, maybe taking advantage of a guest blog post or a social tagging/sharing.

This isn’t a definitive list of promotional channels—there’s always new potential across the ever-evolving marketing universe. The mobile channel, for example, is emerging as a place to connect with new customers via advertising and text messaging. But we think these should get you started.

To make the most of your lead magnet creation and promotional activities, look out for the final post in this series next week. In the meantime, contact us to learn more.