Maximizing Success of Your Top-of-the-Funnel Lead Magnet, Part 3 of 3

If you’ve been following this blog series about top-of-the-funnel lead magnets, you know that you need a solid strategy to drive both the creation and promotion of your content and offer.

Since your ultimate goal is to attract and engage new customers, you can’t leave anything to chance—and that means your lead magnet’s action plan should address these best practices:

Make sure your content is high-level and unbiased. In Creating an Effective Top-of-the-Funnel Lead Magnet, we talked about how you’re aiming to attract prospects in the awareness stage of their customer journey. They’re looking for insights into their challenges and pain points, laying the groundwork for seeking a solution. Therefore, your lead magnet will draw them in with its promise to educate and inform—not sell.

They’re not ready for a sales pitch in your content or promotional copy, so while you may allude to your company and solutions, make your branded content secondary (or even tertiary!). Focus on what they need right now and hopefully they’ll stick around to learn more when they’re good and ready.

Make it easy to convert. This is advice from direct response marketing 101, with good reason! If you’ve attracted a prospect to your lead offer—a compelling headline in your social media ad or a bright call-to-action button on your website—you’ve only won half the battle. From here, prospects require a seamless path to consuming the content you’re providing.

Make it clear what they need to do: click the button, fill out a short form, and click another link to download the asset, for example. If there are any incongruities between your offer, response mechanism, and the lead magnet itself, your prospect may willingly bounce off the page. The content they considered valuable? Not worth the trouble. (So make it easy!)

Use a dedicated landing page. Most prospects who respond to your offer are coming in to claim it from the outside—that is, from a direct mail piece, social media ad, or blog post (find more sources in Promoting Your Top-of-the-Funnel Lead Magnet Offer). Whether they enter a URL or click a call-to-action button, they’re not starting on the landing page where they enter the required contact information and gain access to their content.

We get into detail in Drive Results With These Direct Response Landing Page Tips, but the key takeaways are to create an easy, seamless experience for the prospect—so they convert!—and to make it easy for your team to track and measure the responses and where they come from.

Go multichannel. Considering the digital sophistication of today’s consumers, your best approach for most lead magnet campaigns is a multichannel one. While some target markets have a clear single preference for how they want to receive offers and/or act on them, most B2C and B2B consumer groups can be found online and offline. Meet them where they’re at.

You’ll maximize your efforts to reach them by promoting your content through more than one marketing channel—a PPC Facebook ad and a direct mail postcard, for instance. What’s more, if a prospect sees the offer in more than one place, they may develop some recall and be more inclined to show their interest.

Test your content and promotion channels. Always be testing. Isn’t that what we always say? If you’re not testing, you simply won’t know for sure why your lead magnet isn’t performing to your expectations—or why it’s exceeding them. As with any marketing campaign, a top-of-the-funnel lead generation campaign that’s anchored to a piece of content gives you plenty of fodder for testing. For instance:

• The audience (e.g. HR managers vs. Chief HR Officers)
• The topic of your content (e.g. “How-to” vs. “What You Need To Know About…”)
• The format of your content (e.g. infographic vs. ebook)
• The marketing channel (e.g. search engine marketing vs. social media marketing)
• The wording of the offer or call-to-action (e.g. “Read this ebook today” vs. “Get Inspired”)

Through strategic testing, you’ll arrive at what’s most effective. And even that is ever changing! The point is to commit to optimizing your efforts across the entire campaign.

Get more insights in If You’re Not Testing, You’re Not Maximizing Results

Nurture your new leads. If you’ve got a lead, keep them on the line—engage them through the customer journey! Your top-of-the-funnel lead magnet is meant to prime leads so they’ll become middle-of-the-funnel leads and onward to satisfied customers. Think of it this way: once a lead comes in, your work is just beginning. Discover some next steps in How To Nurture Your B2B Sales Leads With Effective Content Marketing

Extend its life: make it evergreen!

Has your lead magnet served is purpose? Maybe you’ve tested it out of circulation or have replaced it with something more timely and relevant. There are still more ways to leverage the content you worked so hard to create. You can add it to your website’s resources page or give it away “free” to webinar participants or through an email campaign. As long as your lead magnet still has some shelf life, use it to support your other content marketing initiatives.

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