Tips to Optimize Your Offer’s Thank-You Page

When your offer’s thank-you page greets the smiling face of a prospect or customer, that’s when the magic happens: the fulfillment of a conversion! But the thank you page is more than a destination—and the fun doesn’t have to end here. Aside from simply confirming a purchase or delivering content, the thank-you page can take prospects to the next stage in the customer journey and nurture them through the sales funnel.

After all, your prospect has made the effort to fill out your form—and has found your offer valuable enough to give you their contact information—so why not pack your thank-you with some punch? Here, we’ll share our tips for optimizing the thank-you page for ongoing engagement.

The Etiquette of a Thank-You Page
Your content sits behind your direct response landing page, where people actually convert, right? When someone clicks the button that says, “Download your white paper now,” “Access your checklist here,” or “Here are the webinar log-in details,” your thank-you page is there to provide the goods.

But first things first: show your gratitude!

It’s called a thank-you page for a reason: you’re thankful that a person is interested in what you have to say (or what you have to give)—and you want them to know you’re appreciative. Their engagement is meaningful because they’re willingly sliding at least partway through your sales funnel, taking their next step on the customer journey.

Now, you can nurture them.

The content they’re accessing from the thank-you page—a downloadable PDF, an ebook, a designated webpage or portal, a video, a coupon code, an email series, a product demo, etc.—is going to help them along their way to becoming a buying customer. That’s why using your thank-you page as a launch pad for the next step is such a great idea.

Here are some tips to help them along:

Reinforce Your Offer Message. Now is not the time to confuse your prospects. Make it crystal clear what they need to do to access their offer. Say, “Here’s your whitepaper” and use the title. Or if they’re accessing a webinar, provide the title, date, and time details as well as information about any system requirements they might need for joining the event. Allow them to add the webinar to their calendar. Making it easy to “get what they came for” ensures they’ll follow-through and be ready for another message or offer…

Make a Secondary Offer. You’re not being greedy by asking prospects if they’re interested in something more. It’s all about adding value to their experience with your brand. So why not get more conversions out of the thank-you page? Some examples to consider:

· Let’s say your offer on your B2B thank-you page is a downloadable whitepaper. The next step might be to sign up for a product demo—a big step closer to a “close.” Or maybe it’s a softer offer to sign-up for a weekly e-newsletter that delivers helpful insights (and more offers!).

· In a B2C scenario, maybe your prospect is taking advantage of a free product trial—so include a secondary offer for a coupon code they can use to make a purchase.

Give Them a More to Explore. Perhaps you don’t want to make another offer, per se. But you would like to make it easy for your prospects to engage with you and keep taking advantage of your content and resources. After all, they’ll be presented with various offers as they peruse your site, receive emails, connect with you on social media, etc.

You might want to suggest other content they may enjoy, like a relevant section of your blog or a collection of industry-specific case studies. You can ask them to “like” your company Facebook page or to follow you on LinkedIn.

Spread the Word. Speaking of social media and the spirit of sharing, it might make sense to give your prospect the opportunity to send the offer to a friend or colleague via email or social media links (just make sure you drop them off on the offer’s landing page and add a tracking code for attribution).

Now might not be a bad place to insert info about your customer referral program. Whatever you decide to do, the people viewing your thank-you page already see the value in your offer so they’re more likely to share it with others. Strike while the iron is hot!

Marketers are thrilled when a new lead converts—and getting them to the thank-you page is a sign of a successful campaign. For help taking your direct response marketing to the next level, contact us to learn more.