3 Signs It’s Time to Evaluate your B2B Content Marketing

Content marketing is the discipline of creating, publishing, and promoting high-quality content that speaks directly to your audience. It’s especially effective in B2B markets, where there tends to be more product complexity and a lengthier sales cycle that often involves a committee of decision-makers.

Investing in a well-crafted marketing content—made available to the right stakeholders at the right times in the buying process—is essential for attracting new leads, nurturing prospects towards sales, making interacting with your brand a very positive experience, and more!

Are you meeting your goals for attracting new leads and ultimately conversions? If not, it might be time to evaluate your content marketing strategy.

Walker Sands’ The Future of B2B Content 2019 report finds that 98% of companies recognize that content’s performance justifies its cost. That’s not to say that content marketing needs to be a particularly costly endeavor, especially if your efforts are deployed as part of a targeted, goal-oriented approach. You can test, assess your results, and easily scale-up.

1. You’re Not Getting Much Traction with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
It’s simple: Your prospective B2B customers need the solutions you provide. They have specific questions, and they’re online and actively searching for answers—but they’re finding the answers in your competitors’ content.

If you’re not serving up “enough” quality online content to your visitors, they’ll jump off your page (if they managed to get there in the first place) and find what they’re looking for elsewhere. Over three-quarters (76%) of DemandGen’s 2018 B2B Buyers Survey respondents say that “relevant content that speaks directly to (their) company” was “very important” when visiting the website of potential solution providers. And when considering their winning vendor versus other vendors, “informational content that was easy to consume” and “higher quality content” was noted 
as “very important” to 65% and 61% of respondents, respectively.

Thankfully, a content marketing strategy is all you need to start filling your pages and improve your Google ranking.

When your website is search engine optimized with informative webpages, blog posts, and download offers, Google will send people there. Hopefully, your content will keep them engaged and convince them to keep coming back for more. For more insights, don’t miss How to Improve your Google Rankings.

Marketing content can take any number of forms across digital media: website pages, white papers, videos, e-books, infographics, blog posts, case studies, images, data sheets, social media posts, and so on. It’s all digital content—and it helps you reach and connect with customers online with the relevant and meaningful information they’re looking for.

2. Your B2B Sale Cycle is Complex
DemandGen’s survey found that in the past year, 45% of businesses spend more time researching purchases, and 45% use more sources to research and evaluate purchases. Translation? Your potential buyers are spending more time exploring more content, uncovering answers to their critical questions leading up to a sale. Many B2B sales cycles are long, and marketing content can do much of the work educating multiple stakeholders across the buying journey.

If you can create and deliver compelling marketing content that attracts their attention, holds their attention, you can go nurture their needs along the entire purchase timeline, all the way through a closed sale. Learn more in How To Travel Through Your Buyer’s Journey and How To Nurture Your B2B Sales Leads With Effective Content Marketing.

3. Your In-house Content Marketing Team Isn’t Maximizing Your Efforts
If you fell you are losing out on opportunities because you don’t have the staff on hand to keep up with your content marketing needs, you’re not alone. According to the Walker Sands’ report, 95% of B2B organizations say it’s a priority to work with external agencies for content strategy/production in the next 12 months – and 40% say it’s a high priority.

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