The 3 Simple Keys To Maintaining An Up to Date Website At Minimal Cost

Gone are the days when you put up a website and ask a web programmer to make a change every month or so. Really, think back to 1997, or even 2007, when your website was more or less a digital brochure telling your visitors “About Us” and “Our Products.” Today, your site serves a much broader purpose—and keeping it up to date means, “what’s new today.” A robust content management system (CMS), with your marketing team at the controls, can do just that.

Meeting Visitors Expectations for Timely Content
According to a Vistaprint small business website report, 68% of consumers say that up-to-date and accurate content is the most important thing when it comes to having a positive experience with a small business website. And 60% indicate they are less likely to buy from SMBs with neglected or ‘old’ websites. For a larger enterprise company, the stakes could be even higher.Read more

Optimize Your Landing Page For A Results-Driven Customer Experience

You crafted a winning offer and promoted it with persuasive copy and beautiful design. People were responding! Well, sort of. They took your call-to-action—clicked on the ad, keyed in URL, or followed the link—and ended up on your offer’s landing page, but then…crickets.

Very few of the responders actually redeemed your offer and your campaign fell flat. You got them to the landing page, so kudos! But what went wrong? All we can safely assume is that your customers’ experience was disrupted on the landing page, preventing follow-through and stopping results in their tracks.

Why is the Customer Experience So Important, Anyway?
When your landing page doesn’t deliver conversions, chances are good you didn’t take the customer experience into account. Even the best offer in the world won’t perform optimally ifRead more

How to Improve your Google Rankings

How to Improve your Google RankingsDid you know that Google indexes 130 trillion individual web pages with each web crawl? Only about 10 of these web pages fit on the average search engine results page—and every marketer aims for the first spot on the first page. If ranking in the Google 10-pack sounds futile, don’t worry.

Search Engine Ranking Dreams Do Come True
With more than one-hundred billion searches happening on Google each month, at least one of your web pages is bound to rank somewhere, right? It’s worth your while to do your search engine optimization (SEO) due diligence, if you will, because most of the organic search website traffic comes right off of Google’s page one.Read more

White Space/No Space? Why Strategic Web Design Matters in Direct Response Marketing

Let’s cut to the chase: a well-designed direct response website does a better job converting visitors to prospects and prospects to leads and sales.

A strategic, direct response web design assures your website carries out your business strategy in the online channel, guiding your prospects through the sales funnel and getting your existing customers to the “right place,” all while supporting your brand message.

When Strategy Reigns
When lead generation and conversions matter—and when don’t they matter?—you’re going to want to work with a team that has a designer on hand to make sure your website strategy plays out effectively.

Here are some things to consider…Read more

3 Benefits of Recruiting Sales Agents Through LinkedIn

Insurance agents are the heart of your business. Whether they’re captive or independent, they represent your brand and bring your products to the marketplace. In fact, your company’s growth depends on recruiting successful agents who will help you reach—and exceed—your sales targets.

Fortunately, with the right strategy and tools, you can put LinkedIn and today’s hottest social media recruitment trends to work for you—and keep a steady stream of agent sales leads flowing in.

So why should you consider recruiting captive and independent sales agents on the professional networking powerhouse, LinkedIn?Read more