5 Keys for B2B Direct Mail Success

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First things first, response rates for B2B direct mail are climbing. According to the 2015 DMA Response Rate Report, B2B Direct Mail has a response rate of 3.7% with a house list and 1% with a prospect list. On average, B2B email response rates sit at just 0.1% for both house and prospect lists. Not only is the response rate higher than email, it’s faster too. An article written by cmocouncil.org, reports that 79% of people act on direct mail immediately versus just 45% with email.Read more

Loyalty Can Be Fickle

Written By Julie Determann, Account Supervisor

During the holiday season we will be looking back to our best blog posts of the year.

Here is Number 7 by Julie Determann

Jewel reward card


Jewel-Osco, a Chicago-area supermarket chain, has decided to discontinue a trend that they helped set, their “Preferred Customer” loyalty card program. The new owners, Cerberus Capital Management, feel that they want to simplify the shopping process by giving all customers the same benefit of everyday low prices… whether they have a card or not.Read more

POCA, Raise Your Mailing Results


According to Melissa Data, 43 million Americans move each year. Unfortunately, when people move and their addresses change, not everyone registers this change-of-address with the United States Postal Service (USPS). Without this registration, the move is not recorded in the National Change of Address (NCOA) database and therefore no forwarding address can be provided. I have seen firsthand how this can cost clients a loss in postage & paper expenses as well as a reduction in customers.Read more

Ecommerce and Out-of-Home Advertising: 3 Important Considerations

This week I came across an article about a commuter study in the UK “Consumers connect with on-train advertising”. The findings prove insightful beyond the UK borders and raise valuable considerations for out-of-home advertising and ecommerce.

With the rise in convenient mobile payment options, the study shows the type of purchases commuters make and when. Certainly as an urban dweller, my office commute involves a bus or train in both directions. I can identify as a rider and as a marketer.Read more

5 Tips to Marketing Financial Products to Women

Marketing Financial Products to Women

I attended the Mid-Year PiMA (Professional Insurance Marketing Association) meeting last week in Stowe, Vermont where I had the pleasure of hearing Marti Barletta speak.  The topic of her presentation was The (Sh)economy - the Female Market.

I was a bit skeptical before the presentation. I wondered what I was going to learn about the “Female Market” being that I was part of that market!  What was I going to learn about myself that I already didn’t know?Read more