Multimedia is a Must

By Julie Determann, Account Supervisor

Do you continue to use one proven marketing channel to deliver promotional messages to your customers? If it works, why change it, right? Wrong! Nowadays you need to be smarter and more encompassing… utilize and test multiple communications modes to increase your overall response rate.

Don’t get complaisant. And more importantly, don’t be ignorant to the wealth of opportunities available to improve your marketing efforts. Challenge yourself to think outside of the box, in some cases the mailbox. Where else can you place your message to effectively reach your customers? Do they regularly commute past billboards, subscribe to monthly trade magazines or frequent similar establishments that offer co-marketing?Read more

Find More Opportunities for Event-Triggered Emails…It Will Be Worth It.

Written By Mark Weinstein, President

With good reason, social media marketing may be all the rage, but email remains the bedrock of customer communications, transactional confirmations, and lead generation. Personalized, timely, and event-triggered emails will most often provide the highest response rates and greatest return on investment.

You’re probably familiar with event-triggered email – a message that is sent based on an event. For example, a special message or discount coupon can be sent to a subscriber on their birthday or the anniversary date of being a customer.  Emails can be triggered as a welcome message, purchase “thank you”, when an online shopping cart is abandoned without purchase, to make cross-sell suggestions based upon recent products purchased, or to send timely reminders to re-purchase products or services.

Most often events are triggered by data provided when someone became a customer or their subsequent transactions, inquiries, or promotional contest entries…but, not always as I’ll suggest later.

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