Gearing up for the 2017 Marketing Trends

Gearing up for the 2017 Marketing Trends

As we head into the last few months of 2016, corporate marketers and Account Executives are frantically developing their strategic plans in hopes for a more efficacious 2017, and, as one of those aforementioned Account Execs, I decided to research the Top 5 Marketing Trends we can expect for 2017, according to an array of industry experts and marketing connoisseurs.Read more

Turnkey Marketing Solutions

Turnkey Marketing Solutions

Do you have a sales team in need of customized collateral? Is your internal art department struggling to meet the demands of these incoming one-offs? Are you frustrated because something so simple as a resize or a name change can take 1-2 weeks to turnaround? If these questions seem relevant and close to home, then The Weinstein Organization might have the perfect solution for you!Read more


Happy Birthday

Are you taking advantage of milestone marketing initiatives, such as time-sensitive “Birthday” Mailings and Emails? 

Being that my birthday just recently passed, I can sincerely state that I really appreciated all of the sweet nothings that I received from retailers whom I frequent. To be completely honest, it wasn’t so much the nice sentiments, but rather the great pleasure of opening my mailbox to find desirable MONEY SAVING COUPONS from places that I like to shop!Read more

3 Ideas for Marketers as Consumers Control Ad Content


While doing some industry reading of recent news headlines, I came across “I love advertising, said no one ever”.

The article mentions how some consumers can go out of their way to avoid advertising: ad blocks, streaming TV shows and movies without commercials, and DVRs.  With the ability in some cases to control ad content, how can we as marketers still reach consumers? Is this really the future?

Read more

What to write about: 5 ways of finding the right topic.

        writers block

I spent way too long thinking of the right content to write about this week.  In fact, I got nowhere.  Then it dawned on me! Write about not knowing what to write about!  Being a blog or content writer comes with topic fatigue.  Here are some tips to help you find your next blog topic to cover.Read more