Your Guide to Marketing Health Insurance to Millennials

Let’s take a look at the convergence of one of today’s most dynamic industries and the largest consumer generation on earth—and see how health insurance marketers can effectively connect with millennials.

While millennials are well represented in our agency’s account and creative teams today, we started working with clients in healthcare, insurance, and health insurance back when most millennials were still in grade school. So while helping companies reach and engage primarily boomer audiences with health insurance offers, we watched the younger generation grow up and become healthcare consumers in their own right.

Like marketing professionals everywhere, we’ve had to continually develop new strategiesRead more

5 Healthcare Marketing Assumptions That Could Cost You

We’d be surprised if you never made any assumptions about your customers when deploying a marketing campaign. But we’d be even more surprised if you didn’t “miss the target” once or twice. False assumptions can be costly—and that’s why it’s so important to do your research and get your facts straight.

Let’s jump right in to looking at common consumer marketing assumptions made by healthcare companies and health insurance carriers along with the facts that challenge them.Read more