3 Ideas for Marketers as Consumers Control Ad Content


While doing some industry reading of recent news headlines, I came across “I love advertising, said no one ever”.

The article mentions how some consumers can go out of their way to avoid advertising: ad blocks, streaming TV shows and movies without commercials, and DVRs.  With the ability in some cases to control ad content, how can we as marketers still reach consumers? Is this really the future?

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Which Presidential Hopeful Would Get Google's Vote for Most Descriptive Highest Ranking Website?

2016 Election

There is no bigger contest than the race for the Presidency and more people than ever are intrigued watching this heated, contested primary battle. In the end only two will remain so it is critical that each candidate brings their A-Game and of course, their best marketing talents!

Without attempting to persuade your political opinions on this Illinois primary voting day, let’s take an objective look at the six remaining presidential candidates’ website listings, as they appear on Google, after a quick search by each candidate’s name:Read more

The QR Code…or the Snap Tag?

Here is our first runner up for the most popular posts of 2015

Number 2 is by Janelle Schenher

QR Codes, or quick response codes, gained popularity quite quickly and generated buzz especially when companies like Best Buy and Macy’s started using them. QR codes are so simple and affordable for companies to integrate into their campaign. Consumers then use their smartphone to scan the QR Code which took the consumer to either the company’s webpage or a special microsite.Read more

Starbucks: Evaluating The Customer’s Experience

During the holiday season we will be looking back to our best blog posts of the year.

Here is Number 9 by Alexa Frank!

Our TWO Sense: Starbucks

Although you may recognize Starbucks for their signature beverages, green logo, overpriced coffee and long lines…there are many other ways in which Starbucks stands out. It started in 2006 when Starbucks started taking big steps on the digital marketing front by pairing up with iTunes to feature their coffeehouse tracks online. Soon after, Starbucks took another step in the digital sphere by providing customers with free Wi-Fi in the store. Now, Starbucks has taken yet another big step and released their iPhone app.Read more