'Tis The Season For Mobile-Friendly Marketing

Mobile-friendly Marketing

If you haven’t already started preparing for and communicating the upcoming November, December and January holiday promotions, you’re likely behind schedule! The 2015 holiday sales are expected to start now in early November (right after Halloween)…way sooner than the traditional start of the shopping season on Black Friday.Read more

5 Ways How Digital Marketing Has Leveled the Playing Field and Benefitted Business


It’s no secret that the growth of digital media has benefited both small and large businesses.

BUT HOW?Read more

Generation Segmentation


Have you ever thought about segmenting your customer database by generation? Each generation—Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Gen Y—represent a different set of needs, priorities and preferences.Read more

How Digital Strategies are Fueling 2016 Presidential Campaigns

Vote 2016

In 2008, when Clinton lost to Obama, the iPhone was just a year old, Twitter was a fraction of the 200 million users a month, and Instagram, a photo-sharing site with 300 million users did not exist until Clinton was secretary of state.  In 2008, Clinton had a BlackBerry --. In 2015, she uses an iPhone, iPad and her own, controversial, email server.Read more

The Importance of Responsive Design for SMBs

We have the opportunity to work with several independent franchises and local branches of major national companies. To their credit many see the value of having their own website to enhance relationships, better serve customers, and generate leads & sales from customers and prospects within their local communities.Read more