Facebook is Giving Pages a Facelift: Part 2


Written by Kelly Zenere, Assistant Account Executive and Social Media SpecialistFacebook Changes Part 2

In my first installment, Facebook is Giving Pages a Facelift: Part 1, I went over the lifted restrictions, streamlined replies to Page comments, and the minimized clutter on admin Pages. In this segment I’ll cover the new search capabilities including Hashtags, Facebook’s new News Feed, and what this all means for the EdgeRank. So, sit back and enjoy the ride!Read more

How’s Coke Doing with Marketing to Children in an Anti-Obesity Message?

by Kara Monson, Account Supervisor

Label Man

Admittedly I love a refreshing can of pop from time to time. This goes back to childhood for me. My Mom would limit me to one pop a day as a treat…and there was nothing better than an ice cold Pepsi. At that time you could routinely buy pop in bottles… Drinks always taste better when in a can or bottle, right?

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5 Reasons Google+ Should be Part of Your Social Media Strategy

Written By Janelle Schenher, Account Supervisor


To some, Google+’s launch has been seen as a failure when compared to Facebook’s success and number of users.  But the 500 million active Google+ users beg to differ—Google+ is now the #2 social media network, after Facebook.  This does not include total users, but active users.  More people are using Google+ day-to-day than Twitter, Pinterest or YouTube.Read more